"I hope to contribute to the undergraduate experience and develop new ways for Alumni to give back to PSP after they leave college."

The Phi Sigma Pi Foundation serves as the fundraising and philanthropic arm of the Fraternity. Membership is comprised of distinguished and generous contributors who seek to shape their brotherhood and communities. Donors are eligible to join the Foundation when they reach a lifetime giving level of $250 and at least $100 in the current fiscal […]

Save the Date

Grand Chapter: you know it happens every year and 2017 is no exception. This year the 2017 National Convention will be held in Washington D.C. from August 2 – August 6, 2017. All Chapters will be required to send at least one Delegate as outlined in the National Constitution. Article V, Section 3: Each Collegiate […]

Leadership in Action

Your college degree may get you the job interview, but it’s the soft skills that will land you the job. It’s true. More employers are now looking for soft skills when it comes to hiring. According to Linkedin, what soft skills top the list? Communication Organization Teamwork Always Punctual Critical Thinking How do you improve these soft […]


What better way to set your Initiates up for success than by connecting them with those who have been through it all: Alumni! Alumni can be a key tool for Chapters when it comes to the Initiate Program. In fact, Alumni desire to be part of it. They want to share their advice and stories […]


A goal of your Chapter should always be to keep your Members and Initiates engaged. Engaged Members are crucial to your Chapter’s success and are most likely to become lifelong Members. Similarly, engaged Initiates are most likely to continue in the joining process to becoming Members. So let’s talk about disengagement! Disengagement can be difficult […]

Lunch & Learn Webinar

Leadership in Action teamed up with our National Philanthropy Partners, HOBY, to hold a Lunch & Learn Webinar about Personal Leadership and HOBY’s program for high school freshmen called CLeW. You can watch the video above or on the Phi Sigma Pi YouTube channel. Hold a CLeW If you are interested in holding a CLeW for high […]


“Point of Order.” “Question.” “Objection.” “Consent.” These are things most Chapter Members will hear at least once during every Chapter meeting. Robert’s Rules has been guiding Phi Sigma Pi’s meetings for many years and has been around even longer than that. Robert’s Rules has a few key purposes that solidify its importance: To ensure that […]