Member At Large

The Member at Large position is an elected position in many Chapters. The goal of this position is to be unbiased with concerns in the Chapter and to keep the Chapter morale high. The Zeta Rho Chapter at the University of Wisconsin, Madison has two Members in the Member At Large position. Chapter President Jordan Becker […]

The National Office has received some great connections through the E=MC2  challenge and have already started the expansion process at several of the schools YOU have submitted. Today on the blog you will get to hear from Aubrey Klosterman (Beta Xi) as she shares why she connected Phi Sigma Pi with her friend at The […]

The countdown has begun… we are 139 days away from Phi Sigma Pi’s 2017 National Convention! This year we’re headed back to Washington, D.C. and we couldn’t be more excited, but this time we will be staying and hosting Convention in The Crystal Gateway Marriott. Check out why you are going to love this hotel […]

As a Member of Phi Sigma Pi, we know that you are dedicated to your studies. On your list of priorities, academics is high up there. In fact, part of our Brothers’ Creed reads “As a Scholar, I accumulate a breadth of knowledge for the benefits of others.” That’s why Phi Sigma Pi offers not […]

Lunch & Learn

Leadership in Action teamed up with our National Philanthropic Partners, HOBY, to hold a Lunch & Learn Webinar about being an effective volunteer. You can watch the video above or on the Phi Sigma Pi YouTube channel. When it comes to volunteering… There are so many ways you can give back. Find a HOBY group […]

Tomorrow marks one month since the launch of the E=MC2 Challenge. That means there are just 74 more days to reach the goal of submitting 200 connections by Phi Sigma Pi Members. Just like Chapters know that personal interactions are the best way to recruit new Members, nationally Phi Sigma Pi is looking for your […]

Registration for the 2017 Alumni Convention is open and it’s time to start planning! Why attend Alumni Convention? Brotherhood is for life. Phi Sigma Pi has an Alumni-base of over 50,000 and we want to bring Alumni together for four days of scholarship, leadership and fellowship. Whether you’re an active Alumni, a recent graduate or […]