ABP 2012 Kicks-Off in Houston

By: Sarah Alderman, Beta Iota Chapter ‘10, Assistant Director of Member Services

Monday, May 14, 2012

Houston, Phi Sigma Pi has arrived! Yesterday, fourteen Brothers including two National Staff Members arrived to Houston, Texas to kick-off the 2012 Alternative Break Project. This team includes veteran and first time Alternative Break Project participants who are ready to make a difference in the lives of students, teachers, and faculty at KIPP Spirit College Prep.

During our time in Houston we will have the opportunity to interact with students and teachers in their classrooms and participate in their daily activities and programs. This includes Morning Circle, a time for students to reflect on their personal goals and College Corner, which will serve as a time for Brothers to share their experiences as an undergraduate with the middle school students. While we are excited to meet the students at KIPP Spirit, we are even more excited to build a stage, backdrop, and scenery pieces that will create a theater for the students to use for years to come. When we are done this week, the students at KIPP Spirit will have a space that they can use to spotlight their personal talents, creative imaginations, and theatrical sides.

As we head out this Monday morning, we have a packed schedule to get us started! We will be arriving to KIPP Spirit College Prep to meet the students and teachers for the first time and to go on a guided tour of the school. For the remainder of the day we will be visiting classrooms and eating lunch with the students. In the evening we will be heading to the Teach For America Houston Office to have dinner with the staff members. This dinner will give Brothers the opportunity to learn more about what Teach for America does every day to fulfill their mission of ending educational inequity.

We are all very excited to finally be here in Houston, Texas to start the 2012 Alternative Break Project! Not only do we have the privilege of working with students and teachers at KIPP Spirit, but we also have the amazing opportunity to build stronger bonds of Brotherhood through service.

Stay tuned as we continue on this journey as Brothers to help the students at KIPP Spirit realize that they too can go to college, achieve their big dreams, and maybe even become a Phi Sigma Pi Brother one day!

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