Building the Stage

By: Macy Terrebonne, Gamma Theta Chapter

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Our day began by leading Morning Circle. We went into classes as pairs and had discussions on topics ranging from setting goals to making first impressions. Some of us even incorporated the goal setting PlayDough activity Brothers did at the beginning of our Alternative Break Project into the Circle we led, which of course the students loved.

Brothers then continued work on the modular stages we are building for KIPP. This included completing the frames and adding legs to all six of the stage sections. They were then painted black, while the background team worked on finishing the talent show themed scenery, which the KIPP students plan on using for their talent show this Friday. In between working on these projects, Brothers found time to help teachers organize their classrooms and even recover three bulletin boards for the seventh grade team.

Our day concluded by eating a pizza dinner along with Teach For America corps members. We were able to converse with four diverse corps members and hold open discussion with them about their teaching and TFA experiences. They were very honest and impressed by all the work we planned on completing while working in Houston. One corps member was extremely impressed by the fact that Brothers travel from around the country in order to participate in ABP, but then again we are brothers of Phi Sigma Pi; it is hard to expect much less!

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