Reach for the Stars to Change the World!

By: Nick Christy, Epsilon Alpha Chapter ’11, Region Consultant

Friday, May 18, 2012

Hello once again from the great state of New Jersey! We are so excited that announce that our mural project at the Kipp Spark Academy is almost complete! We have been so successful this week not only with completing our objectives, but also by reaching out to the community. We are really trying to stress that the project is not only for the Spark Academy but for the entire school and neighborhood.

Yesterday was a huge success in terms of progress. We were able to finish our initial project and then move on to do another mural on the opposite side of the building. The additional mural’s main focal point was a shining star. Lined up perfectly in front of the mural was the quote “Reach for the Stars to Change the World”. We are hoping to leave the scholars and the community with inspiration to never stop dreaming and never stop trying to achieve those dreams. The only thing left to do today is put on a clear coat of paint and our project will be complete! The team is very excited with our progress and so is Kipp Spark!

Yesterday evening the team visited the Teach for America Regional Office. We were able to get a unique inside look at what it is like to be a TFA corps member. We got to speak to 5 members who are in schools in and around Newark presently, and some staff members who coordinate recruitment and school placement. It really was an eye opening experience and we were able to get some of our questions answered about TFA and its programs and goals.

We ended Thursday celebrating the Birthday of ABP corps member David Berardi. We went back to one of our favorite diners, the Tropicana and were able to get some colossal desserts. Today we will be heading back to Kipp Spark for the last time participating in their “college day” and “pep rally”.

This has truly been an amazing experience thus far. From seeing the scholars in action, to seeing a community rally around a new project to make their neighborhood brighter we have been inspired to take these experiences and make a difference in our own communities. It is a reminder to all that no matter where you are from there is always something you can be doing to make the world a better place for those around you. More great updates are to come, so until stay classy Phi Sigma Pi!

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