Brothers For Life

By Anika Jackson, Senior Director/Director of Member Services

This spring, more than 1,400 Collegiate Brothers passed through the Alumni Ritual and became Alumni Members of Phi Sigma Pi.

But, what does becoming an Alumnus really mean? Becoming an Alumnus in Phi Sigma Pi is a great honor. As a Brother, you are a “Brother For Life.” You spend more time as an Alumni Brother than as a Collegiate Brother. Why not make it count?

Oftentimes, Brothers face a transitional period after graduation. How do you stay involved with Phi Sigma Pi, especially if a job takes you to a new city or town?

There are many opportunities to stay connected with the Brotherhood as an Alumnus:

  • Become an Alumni Adviser for a Chapter. Not near your home Chapter? See if a nearby Chapter needs an Alumni Adviser for their Chapter.
  • Help start a new Chapter! Working or attending school at a university or college that doesn’t have Phi Sigma Pi? Let us know – we are always looking to grow!
  • Attend National events such as Alumni Convention and National Convention. Reconnect with your Brothers from all across the country!
  • Become a National Alumni Association (NAA) member. Membership in the NAA has lots of privileges including receiving a copy of The Lampadion and insurance discounts!
  • Join an Alumni Chapter or Association. (Or start one!) Check out the list of current Alumni organizations to see how you can get connected with Brothers who live close to you.

To our graduating seniors, congratulations and we look forward to your continued involvement! To our outstanding Alumni, thank you for all that you do!


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