For a Lifetime, Guaranteed

By Stephanie Geiser, Beta Upsilon Chapter ’11, Senior Region Consultant

During the 2011-2012 academic year, Phi Sigma Pi graduated approximately 1,858 Brothers nationwide. That means we now have nearly 2,000 additional alumni Brothers full of valuable insight and advice for our undergraduate Brothers. Alumni can offer feedback to chapters on their Fraternal operations and advice for Brothers about to enter the dreaded “Real World” (which, for many of us, does not involve an MTV show).

Alumni from your own chapter can provide valuable historical perspective on decisions the Chapter is contemplating or improvements they are seeking to make. Meanwhile, alumni who graduated from a Chapter, and even a region, other than yours can provide an objective perspective and feedback on Chapter decisions and overall Chapter function.

Outside of individual conversations with alumni Brothers for advice, Chapters may also invite them back for an event such as an alumni panel where various topical subjects may be discussed based on the interests and needs of the Brotherhood. These topics can range anywhere from proper interview etiquette and how to land a great internship to what it means to be an alumni of Phi Sigma Pi to how to join and/or start an alumni Chapter. (Alumni- if you are interested in organizing something like this, feel free to offer it to a Chapter or a region as an option for an event. Chapters can be shy about reaching out to alumni so if you are passionate about getting involved, please don’t hesitate.)

Like any other experience in Phi Sigma Pi, being an alumnus is what you make it. You may choose to be engaged locally, regionally, nationally, or any combination of the three. You may choose to be engaged with a collegiate Chapter, an alumni Chapter or association, or a combination. You may also choose to be engaged through activities and events, donations, or both. Regardless of what route you choose, the most common misconception of being an alumnus is that you can no longer do as much with the Fraternity as when you were an undergraduate. In fact, there are fewer things you can’t do, than you can continue.

As an alumnus, there are new doors which open, including opportunities to join the TFA Corps, become a member of the National Staff, join the Foundation, and attend Alumni Convention. Just remember: if you want to be involved, you can make it happen. Becoming a Brother in Phi Sigma Pi is for a lifetime, guaranteed, after all.

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