LiA: Where We’re Going

By: Krista Kay, Alpha Pi Chapter ’02, Director of Leadership Advancement

In our second year, Leadership in Action broke new ground with over 32% of the Brotherhood participating, a record-breaking number of local modules hosted, and the introduction of monthly podcasts.

There are now over 200 Certified Local Facilitators, some of whom traveled to neighboring Chapters without facilitators to lead modules and spread the word about Leadership in Action or returned to local Chapters in their area as active Alumni Facilitators.

Even more impressive are the 30 Brothers to date who have attained their certification in Leadership in Action.

And 2012-2013 will be even bigger!

In only 24 days, Leadership in Action comes to Orlando for the 2012 National Convention where Brothers will have the opportunity to discover the Keys to Effective Planning (Succession Planning) and that Attitude Is Everything (Challenging Negative Attitudes) at this year’s national modules.

If you’re just starting out and not sure what Leadership in Action is all about, you can visit the website to learn more, but also take a page from Brother Amanda Hackman’s (ΔΤ 127 LIA) experience, “Leadership in Action has been a fantastic way for me to hone my leadership skills, as well as develop new ones. I was nervously beginning my term as a newly elected Chapter President when I participated in my first module.  The idea of Leadership in Action, of growing in leadership with my Brothers, helped bolster my confidence for this admittedly scary new responsibility.  Beyond that, I’ve seen the influence of Leadership in Action and the skills I’ve developed there in other areas of my life – it’s more than just how to be an effective leader within your Chapter; you take these skills with you wherever you go.”

Whether you’re a new Brother, stepping into a leadership role for the first time, a college senior, Alumnus in the workforce, or somewhere in between, Leadership in Action has something to offer for you. As Brother Avezou Petit Frere (ΔΑ 273 LIA) said, “The most important thing I believe, is that you learn more about yourself than anything else, and I think this is important if you intend to improve yourself.”

To get started today, visit

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