Why Leadership in Action?

By: Nick Christy, Epsilon Alpha Chapter ’11, Member Services Coordinator

Are you looking for a way to advance your leadership skills? Are you an elected leader that is looking for a new approach to dealing with issues within the Chapter? Are you looking to boost your Chapter’s morale? Or make yourself an asset in the workplace? Then Leadership in Action is the program for you!

We celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the launch of Leadership in Action at this year’s National Convention. Two years ago we set out to provide a unique opportunity for Brothers to build their leadership skills, which of course is a very important leg of our tripod. The program is led by the Director of Leadership Advancement, Krista Kay, who does a phenomenal job of making this an experience that is worthwhile, enjoyable and suited to fit your needs.

The end goal of Leadership in Action is to obtain a certification in leadership through obtaining 75 points, which are earned through attending different levels of modules (National-10 points, Regional-8 points and Local level- 6 points).  These modules use a variety of different teaching methods and focus on many topics that affect our Brothers like conflict resolution, time management, first time officer training, and so many more.

So how do you bring Leadership in Action to your Chapter? The most convenient way is to get someone in your Chapter to become a Certified Local Facilitator.  Certified Local Facilitator training is offered at National Convention and most Regional Conferences, so there are plenty of opportunities to bring this position to your Chapter. Don’t have a Certified Local Facilitator in your midst? You can ask neighboring Chapters if they have a CLF and if they would be willing to pay a visit to facilitate a module. If that doesn’t work you can always call upon your Region Consultant to facilitate a module when they are on their annual visit.

I have been a part of Leadership in Action from the very beginning and it continues to be an inspiration in my life. As an undergrad, I was a part of the first class of Certified Local Facilitators and I have had the great opportunity of presenting some incredible modules not only to my own Chapter, but also to many throughout the country while on visits and at Regional Conferences. This program enables you to take on your weakest areas of leadership and develop new approaches that work for you. It has changed my life and I know that it can do the same for you too!

To find out more information about Leadership in Action, find a module that is suited for you, or connect with a Certified Local Facilitator in your area, visit www.phisigmapi.org/leadershipinaction.


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