LiA: An Experience Uniquely Your Own

A guest blog by Whitney Marks, Alpha Zeta Chapter ‘12

My journey with Phi Sigma Pi began as early as it could – my second semester of college. During my time as an undergrad, I spent my time spread between classes, my job and Phi Sigma Pi. Last summer, I attended National Convention and it was the experience of a lifetime. Little did I know that a course I took at this convention would impact my life in a way I never imagined.

One of my best friends, Hilary Adams (Alpha Zeta) and I decided to become Leadership in Action Local Facilitators. Hilary and I both loved the idea of bringing this initiative to our chapter and our Brothers.  However, my journey with Leadership in Action does not stop there.

My second semester of my senior year, I completed a full-time marketing internship that took me all the way from south-central Pennsylvania to north Texas. I found myself in the large metropolis of Dallas-Fort Worth and not knowing a soul. Life without my Brothers and Phi Sigma Pi was odd to say the least, and that is when I realized something: my Brothers are nationwide.

I reached out to Krystal Hargrove, the President at Southern Methodist University (Zeta Zeta) and I was welcomed with open arms. Krystal and I were like long-lost friends, you would have never known that until January we were strangers. Zeta Zeta is a young chapter, one with great desire and potential. With my ability to facilitate Leadership in Action on a chapter level, I was thrilled to be able to share my knowledge with these Brothers.

To me, Leadership in Action is not merely an initiative to teach Brothers tools and techniques to aid in leadership skills. Leadership in Action introduced me to new friends when I was a lonely Yank in the Deep South, and for this I am forever grateful.

Every Brother involved in Leadership in Action will have an experience uniquely their own; I suggest you embrace it: you never know where the path will lead you.

-Whitney Marks (AZ 527 LIA)

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles by it.”


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