Effectively Communicate, Motivate, and Lead with LiA

A guest blog by Marjolyn Varano, Delta Kappa Chapter ‘11

Getting involved in Leadership in Action can be a very rewarding experience. I was first introduced to Leadership in Action at the National Convention in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. There, I participated in two National Modules and went on to get certified as a Facilitator. While in Harrisburg, I was just about to begin my first semester as Chapter President for Delta Kappa at the University of North Texas. When Leadership in Action was announced and, further, when I participated in the modules, I knew it was an experience that I wanted to bring back to my Chapter. My Chapter wanted a way to educate themselves on how to effectively communicate, delegate, motivate, and lead. Leadership in Action offered just that, and I was excited to bring the opportunity home.

Some of the ways that I was able to get closer to achieving the goal of completing my certification was to facilitate modules at the local level as well as attend the Lonestar Regional Conference to accrue some Regional Module points. More opportunities for points were offered in reviewing workbooks for upcoming modules and completing the application for certification where I could list leadership positions I had held for a few more points. Finally, after completion of a National Module in Washington, D.C., I was awarded my certification for Leadership in Action.

So, what comes after that? How does a Brother stay involved after certification? My first thought was to continue facilitating modules for my Chapter. I knew that we had had a lot of new Brothers come into leadership positions, so I offered to facilitate two of the newest types of modules offered – those geared toward First-Time Officers. No longer in a leadership position and finishing out my last semester in school, I knew I wanted to give back and hopefully inspire the new leaders to continue on toward achieving their certifications. Surprisingly, after facilitating these modules, I saw that I had been inducted into the Leadership Advancement Society! This furthered my drive to get Brothers involved.

After graduation, Leadership in Action has helped me in many ways. I have been able to explain to prospective employers that I have completed a certification program geared toward leadership. When asked those tough questions, I have been able to answer them using the knowledge I have gained through these modules. Some advice I would offer to Brothers is to keep all of your workbooks in a folder or binder for review so that when you come across an issue, whether it is in your Chapter, a group project, or your job, you can look back and see if the options for resolution will help you. I would also suggest to take what the module is saying and look at your actions – are you taking on too many projects at once?  Do you need to work on your time management skills?  Do you procrastinate?  Evaluate the options these modules are offering to better evaluate your time and skills and try to put them into action.


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