The [Recruitment] Campaign Season Has Begun!

By Nick Christy, Epsilon Alpha Chapter ’11, Member Services Coordinator

Have you seen it? Phi Sigma Pi’s newest recruitment campaign is off and running and available to your Chapter TODAY!

Introduced at the 2012 Phi Sigma Pi National Convention, the new recruitment campaign has proven a big hit among collegiate chapters. It is focused around promoting our amazing diversity, and the ideal that we are all Brothers and one Brotherhood. This is shown through an eye-popping yellow graphic that is sure to catch the attention of any college student. There are several different campaign products that you can take advantage of, including posters, t-shirts, stickers, postcards and bulk mailings.

The Posters

Order posters to hang around your campus. There is space at the bottom of each poster to write information about information sessions and recruitment events. Additionally there is a QR code which prospective members can scan and get automatically directed to our website where interested students can input their information to join Phi Sigma Pi. (The prospective member’s information will then be forwarded to the respective chapter.) These are available FREE to your Chapter. If you blanket your campus with these, you’ll be sure to gain some serious interest.

The T-Shirts2012 Recruitment Supplies

The t-shirts with the new campaign graphic on them are available for purchase through the National Office. They cost just $10 (S-XL) or $12 (XXL), plus shipping and handling. A great way to utilize these is to have your entire Chapter buy them, and wear them throughout your recruitment period.

The Stickers

The stickers are a new item for this year. You can use throughout your campus to gain some attention. Post them on your notebooks, backpacks and on handouts. You can even give them out at events to Brothers. Who doesn’t love a good sticker? Depending on your university, you may even be able to post them in certain areas (check with your student services department first). They are a fun way to promote your recruitment.

The Postcards

Yet another new item for this recruitment season – postcards! They are great to send via our bulk mailing service and be customized to provide information about your recruitment schedule. You can use them as flyers, put them on tables, and even slide them under dorm room doors (if your university allows). They are a great, simple way to showcase Phi Sigma Pi on your campus.

Bulk Mailing

Did you know the National Office offers bulk mailing to your Chapter for recruitment purposes?   All you have to do is obtain a list of names and contact information (email/physical addresses) and submit it to We will then send out a letter with your recruitment information to all those listed. This can be done in either an electronic or physical mail form. It is also at cost to the Chapter and that is dependent upon the size and state of your individual Chapter.

How Do You Order?

Ordering is as easy as 1,2,3. All you have to do is call 717-299-4710 or email and your order will soon be on its way!

Need Additional Recruitment Support?

Have questions about ordering or need additional ideas on how to best recruit new members on your campus? Reach out to your Region Consultant today and they will be able to guide you to success!


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