You’ve Got Their Attention…Now What?

By Anika Jackson, Senior Director/Director of Member Services

"Phi Sigma...Who?" Information Session at 2012 National Convention

Most Chapters are now in full swing with recruitment, or prepping for recruitment, and by now you probably know the National Office provides Chapters with plenty FREE recruitment resources.

But, what happens once you get the prospective members to your Chapter’s information sessions? How do you keep them interested and coming back for more?

Information Sessions, Done Right

The purpose of an information session is to demonstrate to prospective members both the ideals of Phi Sigma Pi and the requirements of the rush and Initiation processes. This sounds pretty straight forward, but how do you really do this effectively?

If you had the opportunity to attend the 2012 National Convention, you got to see a mock information session done right. If you didn’t get a chance to attend, don’t fret. We’re sharing it here.

Some key tips for effective, professional information sessions:

  • Be professional. Brothers should coordinate to be dressed in business casual attire, in matching shirts or wearing letters. This shows a level of coordination that will impress any attendee.
  • Be friendly. Have Brothers stationed at the door(s) to the information session. These Brothers should focus on welcoming prospective members to the information session and direct them to a table to get a nametag and any other handouts for the session.
  • Utilize nametags. Some Chapters use purple nametags for Brothers and gold nametags for prospective members. This makes it easy for prospective members to see who the Brothers are and helps Brothers use the prospective members’ names when mingling with them.
  • Allow time for Q&A. Prospective members will undoubtedly have questions about joining or Phi Sigma Pi in general. Allow time for that.

Check out our “Information Session Tips” sheet for a complete list of tips.

"Phi Sigma...Who?" Information Session at 2012 National ConventionNow that you’ve conquered information meetings, what to do next?

Follow-up with prospective members who attended the Chapter’s information sessions, using the contacts provided on the information meeting sign-in sheet. You want to take this opportunity to encourage each prospective member to attend the Chapter’s rush events. The main goal of this contact is to keep each prospective member engaged.

Rush Events Should Represent Who We Are

Rush events are an opportunity for prospective members to become better acquainted with the Active Members in your Chapter and “see” who we are. If a prospective member comes to a rush event after attending an information session, you’ll want to cultivate this individual and maintain his/her interest.

Interesting events can range from a pot luck meal to a service event benefitting Teach For America to an educational session on eating right. “Tripod based” events are even better, as they demonstrate to prospective members the full range of Phi Sigma Pi’s tripod.

The main goal is show a balance among all aspects of the Tripod. Keep the events interesting, fun and safe and you can’t go wrong.

Remember…First Impressions Last Forever

As you go through information sessions and rush events, always be mindful that first impressions last forever. Keep professionalism and friendliness in mind in everything you do and you’ll rock your Chapter’s recruitment!


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