Bridging the Gap

By Kaitlin Nonnenmocher, Sigma Chapter ’07, Editorial Production Assistant

Did you know there are 15.5 million children growing up in poverty? And of these children, only 1 in 10 will go on to graduate from college. So the question remains: what role will YOU play in ending educational inequality?

From awareness events to supply drives, our Brothers are committed in making a difference in the lives of underprivileged children. We’re proud to see so many of our Chapters participating in so many different service projects benefiting our national philanthropy, Teach For America.

During October, Phi Sigma Pi’s Teach For America month, we encourage Brothers to submit any event supporting Teach For America’s mission of ending education inequity to be eligible to win in one of five categories either a $100 donation of supplies or a donation in your Chapter’s name to the school/teacher of your choice.

Wondering what types of Teach For America events other Chapters have held?

Brothers of the Gamma Pi Chapter created subject themed gift baskets that were donated to a Teach For America school. There were seven themes: Health/PE, Math/Science, Reading, General Teacher, Social Studies, English, and Music/Art. One Brother was assigned as a team captain and was responsible for collecting one item from every member in their group to build a collective basket. To simulate the idea of recess, the event was held outdoors and the Chapter played various games in the field.

The Beta Epsilon Chapter participated in the “Travelling Journal”. A journal from a 6th grade classroom at Shawnee Middle School in Lima, Ohio was sent across the country to see how far one journal can travel in eight months. The journal belonged to a 6th grade student, Julia Schoonover. Her social studies teachers wanted her to become familiar with people in other states as well as brush up on her geography skills. The Chapter’s goal was to fill out the journal with interesting and unique states to foster learning about United States geography and how unique the USA is. Brothers wrote about themselves and any interesting facts about where they live in the journal. Brothers also put pictures themselves, and information about what makes where they grew up fun and exciting.

Need ideas for Teach For America events? Check out the Teach For America toolkit, the wiki, or talk to the Director of Leadership Advancement.

How is Chapter supporting Teach For America? Tell us below and be sure to submit your events for Phi Sigma Pi’s Teach For America Month!


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