Growing Our Brotherhood: An introduction to expansion

By Brother Ryan DeGuzman, Alpha Iota Chapter ’07, Director of Expansion

The semester is winding down for many colleges and universities, but for Phi Sigma Pi, planning our expansion for the spring is in high gear! Ever wonder what it takes to start a new Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi?

The colonization process: a primer

Before a colony can be established, Phi Sigma Pi needs to secure a contact at the college or university that may be interested in leading the efforts of starting a Chapter locally. This can be a friend or family member that is an undergraduate, a faculty or staff member, or even an alumnus/alumna of Phi Sigma Pi that works or goes to school there. Finding an on-campus contact is important to ensure the future viability of the Chapter.

Once an on-site contact is identified, the National Office will hold a phone conversation with the contact and walk him or her through the expansion process. If he or she is still excited and is willing to take on the challenge (and our National Council has approved the expansion), we can begin the process of establishing a colony.

Phi Sigma Pi’s newest Chapter, Zeta Tau Chapter at Trinity University, was inducted on November 12.

A colony is a precursor to an active Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi. During the interactive eight-week colonization program, prospective members learn more about Phi Sigma Pi, its history and how it operates; organize into a functioning organization with a leadership structure; develop bonds and friendships between members; and plan regular events and activities that reflect our ideals of scholarship, leadership, and fellowship. Upon completion, the colony will be recognized as our newest Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi!

How can I get involved?

Although the National Office plays a large role in making sure that the colony completes its necessary objectives, your help is also vital in helping us find new colleges and universities that can support a Phi Sigma Pi Chapter.

It’s very challenging for the National Headquarters to pursue an expansion at any institution without on-the-ground help. Let us know if you’re going to take graduate classes at a new school or you know friends, alumni from your chapter, or family that go to another university. We’d love to reach out to them!

Also, whenever we start a new Chapter, we are always in need of mentors that can provide guidance to these new Brothers, especially as they go through their first year as an active Chapter. So, be sure to keep your contact information current with the National Office. We’ll reach out to you when a new colony comes to town so you can help out and show your support!

If you have any questions or suggestions on where we can start a new Chapter, feel free to contact me at Looking forward to hearing from you!

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