5 Easy Tips for Alumni Org Recruitment

By Brother Nick Christy, Epsilon Alpha Chapter ‘11, Member Services Coordinator

Recruitment season is here and it’s not just for undergraduate Chapters anymore.

With fall graduations complete and spring just on the horizon, it’s time for Alumni Organizations to get ready to recruit new members.

So, what can your Alumni Chapter or Association do to recruit?

  1. Host events for local Chapters. Give Brothers a feel of what it’s like to be a member of your Chapter or Association. Host a dinner at your favorite local restaurant or spend a Saturday supporting a local service project. By hosting these types of events, you are showing undergraduate Brothers that Brotherhood doesn’t end after graduation.
  2. Visit local Chapters. Can anyone say road trip? If undergrad Chapters won’t come to you, bring the fun and excitement of being part of an Alumni Organization to them. By participating in their events and showing your commitment to them, you will become a recognizable presence and one they will be certain to join after graduating.
  3. Utilize recruitment mailing services. The National Office’s bulk recruitment mailing program allows Alumni Chapters and Associations to physically and electronically mail a recruitment invitation letter to Brothers eligible to join the Chapter or Association. Bulk mailing is extremely affordable (approximately $0.30 per piece) or no charge for an email mailing. Email memberservices@phisigmapi.org to request more information about bulk mailing services today!
  4. Welcome new Brothers! Know of Brothers are moving into the area? Show them that starting a new life in a new city doesn’t mean they are alone! Send them a message and invite them directly out to events. You can also volunteer to show them around and point out the ‘must see’ and ‘avoid at all costs’ spots in your area. Your Alumni Organization has the opportunity to be their new home away from home.
  5. Connect at inter-chapter, regional, and national events. By having a presence at various Phi Sigma Pi events, you have the opportunity to reach a wide range of Brothers. Use this the time to network and connect with all Brothers. Handout flyers with information about your Chapter or Association so Brothers can contact you after the event. 

The most important element, as outlined in the ideas above, is helping undergraduates Brothers visualize a bridge between being an active undergraduate member and an active Alumni member. As Brothers of Phi Sigma Pi, we strive to be socially excellent and extend opportunities for growth and development within our own ranks.

By reaching out to undergraduates as an alumnus/alumna, you are once again instilling the value that Brotherhood is eternal.


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