Happy Founders Day!

By National President Jonah Goodman (Delta Alpha Chapter ’01)

February is a time of renewal for our Fraternity.

Many Chapters have started their spring rush and are in the process of pinning their latest initiate class. Recruitment drives are critical to our success. These prospective members will soon be leaders within their Chapters, bringing new diverse perspectives and ideas. It is truly amazing to realize the dreams of these Brothers, yet to even be inducted, will be what leads us to our greatest developments over the next decade.

Growing our Brotherhood does as much for all of us as current Brothers as it does to those anxiously awaiting to join. Recruitment drives give all of us a chance to remember what it was that motivated us to want to take this journey ourselves. While we are mentors, we also constantly are learning.

From the outside, the Fraternity may appear different from when the organization started nearly one hundred years ago. A majority of us are not teachers, and a majority are not men. But the ideals we commit to live our lives by have not changed. One of the greatest gifts our Founders provided for us was this opportunity. They understood the value of the experiment they were beginning and did something amazing when they reached their hand out to others inviting them to participate. Early stories of recruitment at Alpha says the Brothers would tap the shoulder of a fellow student they had tremendous respect for to invite them into their Brotherhood. What they knew then, and what we still know today, is that by accepting others into our family we renew our passions, our dreams, and hope that others will build upon our successes. Our Founders had no traditions to instill in future Brothers, only trust and respect that they would continue the experiment. Today we share this belief at the earliest point in the journey, at pinning, when we promise to our future Brothers “by accepting you, we are affirming our faith in you to aid us in the pursuit of these ideals.”

Today we celebrate the founding of our Brotherhood, 97 years ago. Let us strive to celebrate beyond just one day. We all have been given something truly amazing with the challengingly simple request that we provide this opportunity to others without preconditions.

Happy Founders Day!


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