It’s Regional Conference Season!

By Brother Sarah Alderman, Beta Iota Chapter ‘10, Assistant Director of Member Services

Brothers at the 2012 Capital Regional Conference

Brothers at the 2012 Capital Regional Conference

As we shared in February’s collegiate eNewsletter, February marks the official start of Regional Conference Season!

With more than 125 active collegiate Chapters in 19 Regions, Regional Conferences are a way for Undergraduate and Alumni Brothers to gather in their local area and bond as a region outside of the National Convention. It provides a similar experience at a smaller scale without having to go as far away from home. Attendees will not only exchange Chapter ideas, but also embrace the tripod and ways to grow as Brothers and Chapters

Are you looking for a way to fine tune your leadership skills, revamp your recruitment program, and build stronger bonds of Brotherhood? Want to attend a regional module and earn points towards your Leadership in Action certification? Then mark your calendar now to attend one of Phi Sigma Pi’s upcoming Regional Conferences.

Phi Sigma Pi kicked off the 2013 Regional Conference Season on February 1-3 with the Great Plains Regional Conference, held by the Gamma Sigma Chapter at Missouri State University.

Regional Conference Season continued as the Great Lakes Regional Conference (hosted by the Beta Sigma Chapter at Michigan State University) and the Philadelphia Metro Regional Conference (hosted by the Epsilon Tau Chapter at Villanova University) held their conferences on February 8-10. Brothers in the Southeast Region met this past weekend for their Regional Conference (hosted by Gamma Epsilon Chapter at University of Florida).

Interested in attending a Regional Conference? There are still 15 Regional Conferences happening in February, March, and April. This weekend, February 22-24, is our biggest Regional Conference weekend with 6 conferences happening across the country!

Upcoming Regional Conferences:

February 22-24

  • Buckeye Regional Conference (Beta Iota Chapter at The Ohio State University)
  • Capital Regional Conference (Zeta Delta Chapter at Georgia Mason University)
  • Lonestar Regional Conference (Delta Psi Chapter at University of Texas)
  • Mid Atlantic Regional Conference (Alpha Kappa Chapter at University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill)
  • Mid South Regional Conference (Epsilon Chi Chapter at North Georgia College and State University)
  • South Regional Conference (Delta Tau Chapter at Mississippi State University)

March 22-24

  • Dominion Regional Conference (Alpha Xi Chapter at Radford University)
  • West Regional Conference (Epsilon Upsilon Chapter at University of New Mexico)

April 5-7

  • Bluegrass Regional Conference (Gamma Beta Chapter at Morehead State University)
  • Pacific Regional Conference (Zeta Lambda Chapter  at University of California, Los Angeles)
  • Western Pennsylvania Regional Conference (Kappa Chapter at California University of Pennsylvania)

April 12-14

  • Central Pennsylvania Regional Conference (Sigma Chapter at Millersville University)
  • Northeast Regional Conference (Beta Epsilon Chapter at Syracuse University)
  • Upper MidWest Regional Conference (Epsilon Sigma Chapter at University of Iowa)

April 19-21

  • East Regional Conference (Delta Chi Chapter at Lehigh University)

Attend a Regional Conference near you this spring! (And who knows…you just may meet a National Staff or National Council member!)

Interested in blogging about your experience at Regional Conferences? Email to learn more!


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