Get Ahead with Recruitment and Chapter Transition

(adapted from the spring 2011 issue of The Purple & Gold, courtesy of Anika S. M. Jackson, Senior Director/Director of Member Services.)

Now that the spring term is in full swing, it’s the perfect time to begin thinking about the long-term sustainability of your Chapter. Simply put – how to ensure that your Chapter will continue to grow and thrive in the coming years.

Two things you and your Chapter can do now are:

  1. Plan for a strong leadership transition.
  2. Begin thinking about your Chapter’s long-term recruitment goals and needs.

Chapter Transition: The Building Blocks of a Strong Program

According to the Ideal Phi Sigma Pi Chapter document, an ideal Chapter will complete at least a four week officer/committee chair transition program. The key components of an effective leadership transition:

  • Ensure your successor has all the materials he/she needs to perform effectively in the role.
  • Allow your successor to shadow you as you perform some of the duties of the role.
  • Allow time to meet with your successor several times to go over key responsibilities of the role and answer his/her questions.

If your Chapter is looking for creative ideas on making transition fun, contact your Region Consultant.

Recruitment: The Lifeblood of Your Chapter

Fall recruitment seems a long way away.  But think, once the Chapter is back on campus for the start of the fall semester, things get hectic.  Read on to learn about two things you and your Chapter can do NOW to start planning for fall recruitment.

  1. Stay in touch with prospective members who weren’t extended bids this spring.  These individuals may be a good fit for the Chapter in the fall, so why start from scratch?  Invite them to Chapter events this spring, and in the fall, invite them back to the Chapter’s recruitment events.  Consult your Region Consultant for a helpful tool help track these individuals as prospective members.
  1. Think about recruiting freshman in the fall. Even though freshman are not eligible for membership until their second term on campus, you can still get them interested in Phi Sigma Pi by inviting them to and engaging them in Chapter events.

For example, look at Beta Alpha Chapter’s Affiliate Program. This is the perfect example of how to keep freshman engaged as potential members.

Need help implementing either of these ideas? Your Region Consultant is here to help!

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