The Ritual: Behind the Scenes

(adapted from the spring 2012 issue of The Purple & Gold, courtesy of former Region Consultant Marc Rein (Delta Chi Chapter ‘11).)

Did it feel like one day you woke up and –POOF– you’re a Brother? Where did all that time go?

For some, the whole process of recruitment and Initiation can feel like a blur, and suddenly you’re a Brother! While, of course, the time passed at the exact same rate as it did while sitting through your freshman intro classes, you might not have realized the importance of some of the ceremonies you went through, namely the Ritual Induction Ceremony.

“I didn’t realize how much weight was behind everything being said,” says Brother Max Kiss (Delta Chi Chapter ‘14). “Behind ‘the script,’ there really is a lot more power to it.”

The Ritual Induction Ceremony is the culmination of an Initiate’s work and the celebration of the Initiates official recognition as a Brother of our Fraternity. This is the one ceremony that binds all Phi Sigma Pi Members together, but sometimes it can be a journey just to get through the “fancy language.”

To ensure that every Brother completely grasps the meaning of The Ritual, the National Office created a Ritual Review and Discussion in 2011. (Special thanks to Vice President of Membership Development Natalie Swierzbin (Gamma Epsilon Chapter ‘06), who submitted the proposal.)


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