Supporting Our Brother; Supporting Teach For America

By Brother Donna San (Upsilon Chapter ‘13)

Upsilon Brothers in Mississippi

Upon graduating from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in the fall of 2010, Brother Katie Waddell (Upsilon Chapter ‘10) began working for Teach For America at Williams Sullivan Elementary School in Durant, Mississippi.

As an alumna, she has kept in touch with her Brothers at Upsilon Chapter and shared her experiences teaching first grade as well as her experiences as a corps member of Teach For America.

For the past two years, the Brothers at Upsilon Chapter have hosted a pen pal exchange with Katie’s classroom. Brothers write brief letters to their pen pals each semester. As a Chapter, we have also recorded Christmas books, written Christmas cards, and put together goodie bags for students.

After hearing about how much the students appreciated everything, Brothers were touched and began looking into the possibility of visiting their pen pals. With support from our student government at Edinboro, five of us were able to head to Mississippi visit Katie and our pen pals in January.

Upsilon Brother reading to students

During our five day trip, we were placed in various classrooms, ranging from pre-k to middle school. We tutored students in math and reading, helped organize classrooms, filed papers, and much more.

We all had so much fun and shared an incredible experience helping students and bonding with each other!


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