Tuesday Talk: Coach Kay

Tuesday Talk is a new blog series on the National blog. Catch up on trends and tips on topics relevant to your Chapter from various National Staff and National Council members.

June’s Tuesday Talk’s Guest: Coach Kay  

Coach Kay

Krista Kay
Alpha Pi Chapter ‘02
National Staff
Director of Leadership Advancement

What exactly does it mean to be a Certified Local Facilitator?
Every Leadership in Action (LiA) module is led by a specially-trained Brother. These Brothers, also known as Certified Local Facilitators, have all completed a Certified Local Facilitator training workshop. This workshop gives Brothers the skills they need to effectively conduct the highly interactive LiA modules.

(As a bonus, Facilitators earn extra points for leading modules!)

There are currently over 300 Certified Local Facilitators in the Phi Sigma Pi universe. How do other Brothers become a part of this select group themselves?
Certified Local Facilitators gain valuable skills by leading others. Additionally, only Certified Local Facilitators have access to local modules. To ensure your Chapter has access to Leadership in Action, it’s recommended that Chapters have at least two active Facilitators.

How can Brothers add this awesome experience to their resume?
This awesome opportunity is only available twice a year! To become a Certified Local Facilitator, Brothers must complete Certified Local Facilitator Training. These trainings are only available at National Convention and select Regional Conferences.

Attending the 2013 National Convention and want to become a Certified Local Facilitator? Sign up by emailing LiA@phisigmapi.org to add your name to the training!


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