Chapter Spotlight: Team Zeta

The “We Rock” Chapter Spotlight is a new blog series on the National blog. On the first Friday of every month, we’ll feature a Chapter (or a few!) who truly “rocks” the tripod.

From the first Team Zeta Chapter in 2010 (Zeta Alpha) …

The “We Rock” Chapter of July is “Team Zeta”!

Why Team Zeta rocks: Although many of the Team Zeta Chapters were founded recently and have their own share of growing pains, they have truly embraced what it means to be a Brotherhood. They have held exciting and interesting events, from Zeta Alpha’s “Sunset at the Shores” of San Diego to Zeta Omega’s helping with the AIDS Alliance in Seattle. We’re looking forward to what Team Zeta can come up with in the future!

… to the final Team Zeta Chapter in 2013 (Zeta Omega)!

Team Zeta Chapters

Zeta Alpha (University of California – San Diego)

Zeta Beta (Franklin and Marshall College)

Zeta Gamma (Cleveland State University)

Zeta Delta (George Mason University)

Zeta Epsilon (University of California – Santa Barbara)

Zeta Zeta (Southern Methodist University)

Zeta Eta (University of California – Riverside)

Zeta Iota (St. Joseph’s University)

Zeta Kappa (University of Minnesota – Twin Cities)

Zeta Lambda (University of California – Los Angeles)

Zeta Mu (University of California – Irvine)

Zeta Nu (Washington State University)

Zeta Xi (Coastal Carolina University)

Zeta Omicron (Northwestern University)

Zeta Pi (Missouri University of Science & Technology)

Zeta Rho (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Zeta Sigma (University of Washington)

Zeta Tau (Trinity University)

Zeta Upsilon (University of California – Davis)

Zeta Phi (Iowa State University)

Zeta Chi (Kansas State University)

Zeta Psi (University of Nevada – Las Vegas)

Zeta Omega (Seattle University)


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