Into the Future We Go

By Nick Christy (Epsilon Alpha Chapter ‘11), Former Region Consultant and Member Services Coordinator 

What a year it has been for expansion! As the academic year concluded in May, we have successfully inducted six Chapters for the 2012-2013 year. We’ve also rounded out “Team Zeta”! Please welcome the following Chapters as they join us in our lifelong pursuit of scholarship, leadership and fellowship:

  • Zeta Tau Chapter at Trinity University (Lonestar Region)
  • Zeta Upsilon Chapter at University of California-Davis (Pacific Coast Region)
  • Zeta Phi Chapter at Iowa State University (Upper Mid-West Region)
  • Zeta Chi Chapter at Kansas State University (Great Plains Region)
  • Zeta Psi Chapter at University of Nevada-Las Vegas (Pacific Coast Region)
  • Zeta Omega Chapter at Seattle University (Pacific Coast Region)

As these newly inducted Chapters get their fresh start, we are often reminded of our first moments as full-fledged Brothers and what made our first academic term memorable.

For each Brother it’s different. It may have been participating in your first recruitment and initiation from a new perspective. Or was it the moment you first took on a leadership position? Could it have been attending your first regional or national event? Either way, the excitement to begin a new ‘Chapter’ in your life was something that you’ll never forget.

As you look to a new year, call on these memories and think about how you can make your new Brothers experience the best it can be. Try to work with them to make them feel like a true and respected member of your Chapter.

Also, be sure to expand your Brotherhood’s reach and connect with new Chapters in your region. Their first semester as an active Chapter can pose challenges and rewarding moments that can use the guidance and support of established Chapters. Show them what it means to truly be part of a Brotherhood as wonderful as Phi Sigma Pi.

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