Tuesday Talk: Recruitment

Tuesday Talk is a blog series on the National blog. Catch up on trends and tips on topics relevant to your Chapter from various National Staff and National Council members.

August’s Tuesday Talk’s Guest: Anika S. M. Jackson

Anika S. M. Jackson Senior Director/Director of Member Services

Anika S. M. Jackson
Senior Director/Director of Member Services

What’s the newest recruitment tip you can offer?
I’m most excited about the concept of dynamic recruitment, or as some call it, recruitment 365. The idea is that Brothers should always be recruiting through their everyday encounters with folks – administrators, students, family members, strangers in the grocery store. Every encounter you have with someone is an opportunity to share the awesomeness of Phi Sigma Pi and potentially get them (or someone they know) interested and connected with joining.

And, when you meet someone who’s eligible for membership, make sure that you keep track of that person’s name, email address and phone number. You’ll want to invite him/her to your Chapter’s events throughout the year so that they can experience Phi Sigma Pi. 

How can the National Office help Chapter recruitment efforts?
The National Office provides several services to Chapters, namely:

  • Bulk recruitment mailing service to send email and/or hard copy invitations to prospective members
  • FREE recruitment materials, such as posters, postcards and stickers
  • Potentials to Approach tracking template so that Chapters can track the Chapter’s communication with each prospective member

And, Chapters that recruit well get rewarded with a FREE full National Convention registration through the National Recruitment Incentive Program.

For more information about any of these, contact your Chapter Consultant.

What’s your take on the quantity vs. quality debate?
Along the lines of dynamic recruitment, I believe that quantity drives quality. If a Chapter has more students attend its information sessions, the more selective the Chapter can be during recruitment to choose the best of the best.

So, I encourage every Chapter to “leave no stone unturned” when it comes to recruiting.

  • Place posters wherever you can on campus.
  • Utilize the National Office’s bulk mailing service to send invitations to prospective members via email and/or hard copy mail.
  • Use the free postcards provided by the National Office as handbills during tabling and list your Chapter’s recruitment events on them.
  • Open the Chapter’s events up to the campus community so that everyone has the chance to experience Phi Sigma Pi.

Whatever you can do to get your Chapter’s name out there in a positive way, do it!


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