Introducing our Regional Volunteers!

By Kaitlyn Ceuninck, Gamma Chi Chapter ’12, Programming Coordinator

Planning is underway for the 2014 Regional Conferences and we have some exciting news to share!

The National Office launched a Regional Volunteer program at the 2013 National Convention as a way to increase opportunities for Alumni Brothers to remain engaged on the local and regional level.

Regional Volunteers are Alumni Brothers who will guide Regional Delegates throughout the planning process of Regional Conferences. Regional Volunteers will also attend the Regional Conferences in the spring to facilitate Leadership in Action modules.

We look forward to connecting Alumni with Collegiate Brothers during Regional Conference planning. A huge thank you to our 2013-2014 Regional Volunteers:

  • Bluegrass Region: Katie Peachey (Beta Psi Chapter ’02, MTAC)
  • Buckeye Region: Amy Coffield (Beta Iota Chapter 10)
  • Capital Region: Kristie Tingle (Gamma Omicron Chapter 13) and Matt Newmeyer (Alpha Epsilon Chapter 12, Capital)
  • Central PA Region: Katie Eckelberger (Alpha Chapter ’13)
  • Dominion Region: Jillian Quirante (Epsilon Xi Chapter ’10, SAAC)
  • East Region: Nick Christy (Epsilon Alpha Chapter ’11)
  • Eastern Midwest Region: Annette Arlint (Alpha Chapter ’09)
  • Great Lakes Region: Rylee Mielecki (Epsilon Psi Chapter ’12)
  • Great Plains Region: Josie Zanti (Alpha Chapter ’13)
  • Lonestar Region: Robby Sanchez (Delta Phi Chapter ’13) and Marjolyn Varano (Delta Kappa Chapter ’11)
  • Mid-Atlantic Region: Zach Hummel (Beta Delta Chapter ’11)
  • Mid-South Region: Debby Harnishfeger (Beta Zeta Chapter ’11)
  • Northeast Region: Stephanie Geiser (Beta Upsilon Chapter ’11)
  • Pacific Coast Region: Martin Kwok (Zeta Alpha Chapter ’13) and Daniel Coffee (Zeta Alpha Chapter ’12)
  • Philly Metro: Kate McConnell (Gamma Phi Chapter ’07, NYMAAC)
  • Southeast Region: Christine Vazquez (Epsilon Delta Chapter ’10, CFAC)
  • Upper Midwest Region: Thomas Preli (Delta Psi Chapter ’12)
  • West Region: Joanne Lamb (Epsilon Xi Chapter ’13, SAAC) and Rachel Maleski (Alpha Epsilon Chapter ’05)
  • Western PA Region: Carlo Basilio (Alpha Omicron Chapter ’13)

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