Tuesday Talk: National Hazing Prevention Week 2013

Tuesday Talk is a blog series on the National blog. Catch up on trends and tips on topics relevant to your Chapter from various National Staff and National Council members.

September’s Tuesday Talk Guest:  Sarah Alderman

Sarah Alderman Director of Risk Reduction and Education

Sarah Alderman
Director of Risk Reduction and Education

Does hazing occur in Professional Fraternity Association groups? 

Recent research has shown that hazing and other risk management concerns occur in a wide range of collegiate organizations.  The common belief is that hazing is limited to the social Greek community, but that is not the case anymore.  If you have turned on the news lately, you probably have noticed an increase of stories about hazing.  You probably have also noticed that these incidents are now being reported in university marching bands and athletic teams. 

PFA groups, including Phi Sigma Pi, are not immune from hazing, which is why we must be diligent in our prevention efforts.

How can Chapters eliminate hazing from the Initiation Program?

The first step is to engage all Brothers in an open and honest conversation about hazing.  Ask Brothers what they believe hazing is and if they think any of their traditions could be perceived as hazing.  If the answer is yes, start discussing how the Chapter can remove the outdated practice and find new ways to help Initiates have a meaningful Initiation experience. 

And if you are looking for an alternative to hazing, check-out the 101 Alternatives to Hazing or reach out to your Chapter Consultant who can help guide you in the right direction.

How can my Chapter get involved with National Hazing Prevention Week?

On the national Phi Sigma Pi level, you can participate in the photo challenge of “What do YOU Stand For?”.  Start by engaging your Brothers in a conversation on hazing and snap a picture of “We Stand For…” and turn it in to WeRock@phisigmapi.org.  The Chapter, Association, and/or Brother with the most creative slogan/picture will be featured in an article in the spring issue of the Purple & Gold magazine. 

Your Chapter can also get involved on the local level by participating in events sponsored by your University.  Many universities this year are hosting anti-hazing pledge signing competitions, panel discussions with students and faculty, and other events to raise awareness on hazing prevention.

Remember hazing prevention starts with YOU!


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