Celebrating Phi Sigma Pi Teach For America Month

By Krista Kay, Director of Leadership Advancement, Alpha Pi ’02

This October we’re celebrating our 4th Annual Phi Sigma Pi Teach For America Month.

At the Kick-Off Webinar on October 1st, we announced that to demonstrate Phi Sigma Pi’s commitment to leadership through service, this year’s competition will be held in conjunction with Phi Sigma Pi’s Hours of Hope campaign. The top four Chapters and two individuals with the most hours submitted will win Donorschoose.org donations to the project of their choice.

Need some ideas to get started? Here are some easy ways that you and your Chapter can support Teach For America and its mission, ending educational inequity. You and your Brothers are the driving force to bridging the educational gap, so you’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to making a difference.

Inform yourself by learning more about Teach For America and what they do

Research the achievement gap in America. Visit Teach For America’s website or watch their videos on YouTube, talk to your Teach For America Recruitment Manager or Regional Office.

Attend speakers, hold a movie and discuss, or write to alumni Brothers in the corps to learn about their experience and impact in the classroom.

Attend or support the 2014 Alternative Break Project. The project and location will be announced soon, so stay tuned!

Raise awareness for the mission of Teach For America

Quality education in America is a big issue and everyone has different ideas on the best way to provide that to America’s children. Share what you’ve learned about this issue with your Chapter, Alumni Brothers, friends, family, campus and community by:

      • Hosting a panel discussion
      • Create an educational banquet with reading level/supplies to reflect educational inequities (similar to a hunger banquet)
      • Invite a speaker to campus
      • Host a campus-wide event (Stuff-a-Bus, Fun Run, etc.)

Get involved and make a difference

Even the smallest act can make a difference. From supplying a student in need with a pack of crayons to supporting a classroom, find a way to support Teach For America or its mission nationally or locally, such as:

      • Making over a school library
      • Helping an afterschool program
      • Host a breakfast bar drive
      • Make goodie bags for students to motivate around test time with snacks, stickers, and supplies

Every event you do makes a difference! For more ideas, talk to your Chapter Consultant or the Director of Leadership Advancement and be sure to submit your hours for Phi Sigma Pi’s Teach For America Month!


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