#psptbt: Graduation

#psptbt is a blog series on the National blog. Every third Thursday, we’ll dig into the archives from the last 97 years and share a piece of Phi Sigma Pi history.

In 1958, the graduating Brothers of the Omega Chapter at Gorham State Teacher’s College (now the University of Southern Maine) were highlighted in their college’s yearbook and wore some pretty nifty jackets with the Phi Sigma Pi Coat of Arms.

1958 Omega Graduating Brothers

Credit: Photo from the 38th edition of the Hillcrest

In the coming weeks, Chapters will usher our graduating Brothers into life as an Alumni Brother through the Alumni Ritual. Additionally, many Chapters choose to hold special activities to acknowledge the time and commitment Brothers have given to the Chapter.

How does your Chapter sendoff graduating Brothers?

Fun Facts:

  • Every Chapter can perform the Alumni Ritual for graduating Brothers.  The Alumni Ritual is a part of the Phi Sigma Pi Ceremonies.
  • Being an Alumnus gives you the chance to be a part of one of our 12 Alumni Chapters, Alumni Associations and/or the NAA.
  • Chapters can gift a National Alumni Association membership as a graduation gift and Graduating Seniors get a special discounted rate of $15. That’s over half off the regular membership fee!

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