Compete in the 2014 #PSPOlympics


Go for the Gold at the #PSPOlympics

Start Date: Friday, February 7th
End Date: Sunday, February 23rd
Hashtag: #PSPOlympics

RULES: Starting February 7th and ending February 23rd you have those days to finish the 10 challenges below. Once you finish a challenge, take a picture and upload it to Twitter/Instagram. If you are a collegiate Chapter use the hashtag #PSPOlympics and then your Chapter’s name. If you want to participate on Facebook, then post your photo with your Chapter name in our event page.

If you are Alumni and want to compete use the hashtag #PSPOlympics and then the word Alumni. Once you do that you will receive a gold medal.

Whoever has the most gold medals (you can get up to 10) at the end of the Winter Olympics gets a prize.


1. It’s honestly the best way to watch the Winter Olympics, with Brothers (duh!). Hold a Winter Olympic watch party and don’t forget to take a picture at the event.

2. Winter Olympic athletes do more than just ski down a hill or ice skate they also give back to their communities. Olympic Snowboarder Shaun White helps children at St. Jude’s Children Hospital. For this part of the competition we want you to complete a service project and then submit that information into the Hours of Hope Campaign. Take a picture of your Chapter participating.

3. It falls right between the start and the end date of the Winter Olympics: Valentine’s Day. Send a(n) card/e-card/picture to another Chapter. Take a picture of the card before you send it.

4. The Sochi Olympics will cost more than every other Winter Olympics COMBINED. Now that is a BIG bill! Here at Phi Sigma Pi, National Dues (Semester), Induction Dues (Quarter) and NAA (Alumni) Dues are all due soon. Get yours in early and get a gold medal! Take a picture of Phi Sigma Pi letters to get credit for this event.

5. If you can’t be in Sochi to compete, no worries, compete in your own backyard! Host your own Olympic games! Come up with at least 3 competitions, compete against your Brothers and post a picture of the event. Have fun with it. Deck out the room in Olympic rings, name your teams after different countries and bring on the bragging rights!

6. At the last Olympic Games the USA came home with 13 bronze medals the same number of Brothers we could send to Capitol Hill High School in Oklahoma City for this year’s Alternative Break Project. Help our Brothers by collecting pencils or by buying something off of the Alternative Break Project Amazon Wishlist. take a picture of the pencils/wishlist object.

7. Did you know on February 17th you can watch the Bobsleigh competition? It is also Random Acts of Kindness Day. Complete an act of kindness and take a picture!

8. It took 123 days for the Olympic Torch to get to Sochi. It can take your Chapter 15 minutes if you pretend the torch is an ice cream cone. Hold an ice cream cone social and take a picture of your Chapter/you holding the cone(s) like they/you would carry the Olympic Torch.

9. We all love Phi Sigma Pi (even Olympians, trust us)! Why do you love Phi Sigma Pi? Answer that question by taking a picture of you/a Brother/your Chapter holding a sign with the answer.

10. Leopards and hares and bears, oh my! The 2014 Winter Olympics has 3 mascots this year and they are just too cute for words. Take a picture with your university/college mascot (it can be a statue).

So get out there and have fun! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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  1. […] of fabulousness, Phi Sigma Pi! First off I have to say that I hope you all are participating in #PSPOlympics. I know that MTAC (Middle Tennessee Alumni Chapter) is having fun with these challenges, and I hope […]

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