Beating the Cold, One Cot at a Time

It’s no surprise, it’s here… winter, and thanks to that famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, it’s here to stay for a couple of more weeks. Most of the nation has already been hit by a storm or two (or three) this year, even Atlanta and Texas!

Headquarters in the snow

National Headquarters after the snowstorm

Here at the National Headquarters in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, we are still digging out from a snow and an ice storm that hit this past week! We are the lucky ones though, thousands of homes in Pennsylvania were left without power.

West Chester, Pennsylvania is one of those places where residents are still trying to pick up the pieces. Downed power lines, no heat, no electricity — that is just what some of them are dealing with, but with help from the Alpha Epsilon Chapter (West Chester University) those residents have a place to go to beat the cold.

American Red Cross Cots

American Red Cross Cots

Earlier last week the Chapter teamed up with the Red Cross and helped set up an emergency shelter on the West Chester University’s campus. When the Chapter got the call for help, nine Brothers stopped what they were doing to help out! Brother Casey Ganz, Alpha Epsilon Chapter Service Chair, explains what they did, “Once there, we worked with several other campus organizations to unpack and set up hundreds of cots with sheets and blankets, break down empty cardboard boxes and set up a few screens that people could change behind.”

AE Brothers with Mayor Committa

Brothers of the Alpha Epsilon Chapter with Mayor Carolyn Comitta

The Chapter volunteered for about two hours but the impact it has left on the community, those who are still without power, has lasted for days.

Brother Ganz says, “It was a great experience since we got to help out our community in a time of need and also work side-by-side with other organizations and concerned students from West Chester University.”

Join the National Staff in congratulating the Alpha Epsilon Chapter for a job well down. A Chapter definitely making a difference in its community.

Follow the Alpha Epsilon Chapter:
Alpha Epsilon’s Chapter Website

Don’t forget, if you are participating in a service event to submit your hours to the Hours of Hope campaign!


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