Brotherhood Means…

As we approach our 98th Founders Day on Friday, February 14th, we asked Brother Katie Martin Peachey, Beta Psi Chapter ’02, to share with us, and all of you, what Brotherhood means to her.

Happy 98 years of fabulousness, Phi Sigma Pi! First off I have to say that I hope you all are participating in #PSPOlympics. I know that MTAC (Middle Tennessee Alumni Chapter) is having fun with these challenges, and I hope you and your Chapter or Association will join in too.

On the topic of challenges – I was asked to write about what Brotherhood means to me. I had to pause to consider this question the same as I did when I was participating in #9 of the #PSPOlympics (Why do I love Phi Sigma Pi?). It is hard to put into words how I feel about PSP. There are so many amazing things about this Fraternity, but I would have to say that Brotherhood is the best part. I am so fortunate to be part of a group that is so diverse, so smart, so caring, so impressive, so talented, so accepting, so different… the list goes on and on.

Why MTAC loves PSP

Why MTAC loves PSP!

Brotherhood to me is a feeling of togetherness, inclusion no matter who you are, and the sense that you are truly never alone. When I look at this group I strive to be better, and to incorporate the tripod of Scholarship, Leadership and Fellowship into my life. Brotherhood for me started at Beta Psi (MTSU) when I met some of the best friends I will ever know and the love of my life, Matt Peachey. I’m not trying to be sappy, but it is almost Valentine’s Day and PSP Founder’s Day!

MTAC 4th Quarter Business Meeting

MTAC and guests at our 4th Quarter Business Meeting, December 2013

My experiences within this Brotherhood didn’t stop at my home chapter. I’ve traveled to many cities for National and Regional events to see just how unique we can be while sharing the same bonds that tie us together as Brothers. While serving as VPPD, I learned about individual Brothers and Chapters and what they accomplish daily, and what they do for their Chapters and communities. I now serve as a Director for the Phi Sigma Pi Foundation, and I have the opportunity to share about all our efforts through fundraising. I talk about one fund in particular with the most passion: Leadership Through Service. This fund supports outreach for our Brothers like Alternative Break (in Oklahoma City this year). I had the opportunity to be part of ABP in Memphis for just a few days, but WOW! The relationships forged by Brothers that were strangers just days before were outstanding. These individuals came together to work on projects for a worthwhile cause, shared about themselves, and left with friends and an understanding of what “Brother for life” means.

For me now, Brotherhood means being there to share with friends as they celebrate marriages, change jobs, welcome babies, suffer through illness, grieve the loss of a parent, and just walk day by day through life’s ups and downs. I am very fortunate to be active with MTAC and be Alumni Advisor for Beta Psi. I know my Brothers are everywhere and that truly Brotherhood is for life. Brothers Are We!

Katie Martin Peachey, Beta Psi Chapter ’02/Alumni Advisor, MTAC, Phi Sigma Pi Foundation, Reed’s Mom (His birthday is Founders Day! 2/14/11)

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