Check(s) it Out!

It’s a known fact, computers are taking over. Let’s be honest soon computers will be driving our cars. YES, our CARS! How about we take this time to remember the past.

Story time: When I was a kid (oh yes, 10 years ago or so) whenever my mother would take me to the grocery store she would pay with a check. Yes, read that sentence again, I said CHECK. Gosh, how times have changed!

When was the last time you did that? I’m going to go with zero. It happens, the world keeps spinning, the computer world keeps growing, the next thing you know we are paying with credit cards and checks get pushed to the side.

Even though this is the case, Phi Sigma Pi is going old school and saving money by not paying those nasty credit card fees. We want your dues in check form. Let’s call it a good learning experience. (All together now, “Thank you, National Staff!”)

Within the next couple of weeks if you are a semester school Chapter or a quarter school Chapter, some type of dues are well, due. 

Semester Schools:
   October 15 – National Dues and Fees: $66 ($60, $6 insurance premium/person)
   December 15 – Induction Dues and Fees: $161 ($155 dues; $6 insurance premium)
Quarter Schools:
   October 30 
– National Dues and Fees: $44 ($40, $4 insurance premium/person)
   December 15 
– Induction Dues and Fees: $139 ($135 dues; $4 insurance premium)

Some Chapters pay with Chapter checks, some get their checks processed by their schools, and below you will find two PERFECT ways to pay your dues with a check!

Chapter Check:

Chapter Check

Institution Check:

Institution Check

Take notes, print this post out, share this post with your Chapter’s Treasurer and write more checks!

Leadership in ActionMake sure you keep up with when important information is due to the National Office. Check out the Leadership in Action Module The Jugging Multiple Priorities- That Was Due When? for time management tips and to learn how to deal with deadlines. Request the Module.



  1. […] Q. Does the National Office accept payments outside of checks? A. Checks are encouraged because of additional fees that add up when credit cards are used. Some universities have gone paperless and only use credit cards. If that is the case, payment through credit card is the only option. To learn more about how to write out a check to the National Office click here. […]

  2. […] Any check that is written to “Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity” should be submitted to the National Headquarters. You can read more about filling out checks here. […]

  3. […] to hand something in or complete something well in advance and if you need your school to cut you a check, be sure to request it early […]

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