A word from our President on serving on National Council

National President Jonah Goodman

National President
2007 – Present
Jonah Goodman

National Council Nominations are currently open. The deadline for nominations is Tuesday, April 1st, 2014.

By Brother Jonah Goodman, National President, Delta Alpha Chapter ’01

Serving on Council has been one of the most rewarding experiences during my time in this Fraternity. Through the challenges and successes I have had a tremendous opportunity to apply both the leadership skills our Brotherhood has provided me as well as professional skills from my career. With elections for the full National Council happening this summer, our Brotherhood is once again looking inward to discover the future leaders amongst us. I would like to ask each of you to think about someone whom you think has the potential to help us do amazing things as a Brotherhood. Whether that is you, a mentor, or a Brother you truly respect I hope that you encourage that person to dream about what they would do if given the opportunity to lead us nationally.

My time on the National Council has been tremendously rewarding and helps me contribute back a small percentage of what I have gained from our amazing Brotherhood. For most of us we think we can’t give back all that we have received, but we can keep serving in various ways. I want all of us to believe that running for a National Council office should be in our plans. Whether you have served as a Chapter President, Grand Chapter delegate, Alumni or Faculty Advisor or even just a non-elected Brother we all have experiences that are needed on the national level. Some of the most amazing Brothers I have the privilege to work with are not those elected (yet) but those who serve in some supporting role and are leaders in their own way and on issues they are passionate about.

National Council

National Council at the 2013 National Convention

National Council members serve on Council as volunteers and for many of us our work is done after hours or on weekends. We live all over the country. We have families and jobs that are our first priorities. Through those experiences though we all learn so much about collaboration and management that become assets to serving on the National Council. Serving on the National Council takes a lot of time, patience, and certainly management ability. The same traits you learn from being a parent and having a career. If you think you are not qualified to run I would say look a little closer at yourself and all of your responsibilities. There is nothing unique about those of us who serve that each of you does not have or have the ability to learn.

My greatest hope as President is that you, as a Brother, feel you have the ability to create the change you want to see in our Fraternity. This term we have over 100 Brothers serving us on national committees that review and draft policies, build proposals for new opportunities, and dream big dreams. We have dozens of Brothers serving as Faculty and Alumni advisors and they support our Collegiate Chapters everyday behind the scenes. We have Brothers doing phenomenal things in their lives that demonstrate to all of us how we can all live our values every day. There are so many Brothers who are already fantastic leaders and I would encourage you to join us on the national level as we continue this journey our Founders started.

If you have questions about serving on the National Council or the elections please reach out to myself or anyone else on this National Council, past National Council members or our National Staff.


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