SNEAK PEEK: Something shiny and new!

Spring 2014 Purple and Gold

Spring 2014 Purple and Gold

Arriving at your front door steps any day now (if you are a collegiate, NAA Member or Lifetime Member) will be something shiny and new. Okay, keep that new car you want on your wish list because we’re actually talking about The Purple & Gold/The Lampadion magazine!

The Purple & Gold highlights our Collegiate Chapters and The Lampadion focuses on our Alumni Brothers.  Both are all Phi Sigma Pi.

Hold onto your seat because we are about to give you a SNEAK PEEK!

On the Covers:

Do you know who these two are? Let us introduce you. Meet Brother Lorene McCoy (Alpha Eta Chapter ‘15) and Brother Jonathan Swenson (Epsilon Kappa Chapter ‘15). Together they have volunteered for over 2,730 hours. You’ll find out what makes them interested in giving back and the service project they say have made the biggest impact on their life so far.

Just two amazing Brothers giving back, making a difference and leaving their mark! Remember to submit your hours to the “Hours of Hope: 100k by 100” Service Campaign.

Flipping things over now.

The Lampadion

The Lampadion

These three Brothers are also giving back, this time to Phi Sigma Pi as Regional Volunteers. Find out what being a Regional Volunteer is all about and how you can get involved.

Also inside:

  • A feel good story about how a Brother is connecting her Chapter and the students in her classroom.
  • What awesome things Chapters are doing on campus.
  • Who is getting married, getting a job and having kids.
  • Exclusive information about National Convention and Alumni Convention you can’t find anywhere else.

Want to receive the next magazine? Sign up to be a NAA Member today and make sure your information in our database is up-to-date.

Want to see your face in the next magazine? Submit your information for The Purple & Gold or The Lampadion.


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