National Convention Preview: Idea Labs!

The 2014 National Convention will be held in Atlanta, Georgia from July 30th- August 3rd. On the Phi Sigma Pi blog we will be highlighting some of the reasons YOU should go.

Today we are talking Idea Labs. If this is your first time at National Convention you might be wondering, what is it? Wonder no longer, my Brothers. You may be asking yourself…

Roundtables Sign

Roundtables are right this way!

What do I do when I get there: Sit down in a chair, start chitchatting with Brothers around you and get to know them.

Oh wait it’s starting. Is this mic on?: Get ready to turn your brain on high gear and let the ideas flow. A person from the National Staff will lead you through the topics.

Wait topics? Plural?: Yep there’s two of them! You can pick which one (or BOTH) you want to attend!

What are they?

The Perfect Pitch: Tired of getting blank stares and confusing looks when you talk about PSP?  So were we!  If you want to rock recruitment, pop PR and make everyone you meet curious about your Chapter, create an “elevator pitch” with your Brothers.  Listen, laugh and inspire!  Together we will figure out the best way to describe PSP… in under 20 seconds!

Mix It Up: So you worked really hard pulling together the perfect event and then…the brothers’ bad mojo brings it down.  Oh no!  The Brothers you depend on to rally the troops, spread the PSP love and make your Chapter a stand out on campus are duds.  How can you motivate the middle?  Make the 2nd, 3rd and 4th year Brothers as whole-hearted as the ones who were just initiated? We’ll show you how to Mix Up the Middle and make your Chapter strong, from the inside out!

Brothers and Council Members during discussion

Mix It Up! this year with Brothers and Council Members during discussion.

Ooo, they sound like fun! When can I hang out with Brothers and chit chat?

Saturday, August 2nd!
The Perfect Pitch – 10:30 am- 11:30 am
Mix it UP – 11:30 am- 12:30 pm

I want to sign up! How do I?: Sign up when you register for Convention.

Did you also know we are going to the World of Coca Cola?



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  1. […] and might be a little worried about what to do when we’re not in Grand Chapter sessions or Idea Labs. So we’ve called in the experts! Atlanta is the home of our Epsilon Theta Chapter and Atlanta […]

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