Spring Cleaning: Phi Sigma Pi Style

Spring is FINALLY here. Along with Spring comes warmer temperatures, longer days and SPRING CLEANING! You know that time when your parents tell you it’s time to get rid of all of that quote unnecessary un-quote stuff you have piling up in your room. Although sometimes it can be a real pain afterwards you always feel so refreshed and new again.

Well, at Phi Sigma Pi Headquarters we have made our very own spring cleaning checklist of things your Chapter might want to consider throwing out, cleaning up or buying new!

Phi Sigma Pi

  1. Update Wiki/Websites: Time flies by in a blink of an eye. Make sure your website and the Wiki are both updated with the latest information.
  2. Order New Initiate Pins: If you are running low it might be time to buy some extras. Initiate Pins can take a couple of weeks to get to your institution after you order them online. Make sure you are prepared for your next Pinning Ceremony.
  3. Update Ritual Supplies: Replace candles, batteries in electric candles, pens, tablecloths and The Ritual Ceremony Book. The Ritual is one of the most memorable moments for every Brother, make sure everything is clean and presentable for your next ceremony.
  4. Update Transition Binders: It’s that time of year when many Chapters are electing new Officers/Chairs. Before you pass on your binder to the next person make sure it is up-to-date. If you are wondering how the Officer/Chair transition should work or what should be in your binder you can read the Officer/Chair Transition resource.
  5. Pass Down PSP Shirts: Graduating? Tired of wearing the same shirt all of the time? If you answered yes, give your Phi Sigma Pi shirts to other Brothers. Make it a Brotherhood social and have Brothers share a story about why the letters are meaningful to them.
  6. Archive History: Are the awards, old composites, Phi Sigma Pi materials just piling up in someones house? Gather everything up, contact the National Headquarters and send the goodies to us. We have a whole room filled with Phi Sigma Pi memorabilia and we would love to house your stuff as well.
  7. Shred 7 Years of Financial Information: Financial and bank statements only need to be kept for 7 years. After that it is your responsibility to get rid of the information by shredding the papers.
  8. Send Thank you Card to Advisor: Your Advisor worked hard all year for your Chapter, send them a thank you card to remind them about how much they mean to your Chapter.
  9. Update Alumni Lists: Seniors will be graduating soon but before they head out the door make sure you get their new information. That includes home address, email address and phone number. Missing information from older Alumni? Try to reconnect through Facebook. Remind Brothers to then update their information on the Phi Sigma Pi website.




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