Alumni Convention Preview: The Pro Perspective

The 2014 Alumni Convention will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada from June 5th- 8th. We’re highlighting some of the reasons YOU should go.

So far we’ve been telling you why you should go to Alumni Convention, but today we’re going to turn over the blog to two Brothers who have been there/done that and explain why you should get on the Alumni Convention train (or preferred transportation) to Vegas.

Alumni Convention logoBy Kori Lawley, Epsilon Eta Chapter ‘11 and Steven Frankfurt, Alpha Omega Chapter ‘97

Kori Lawley

Seeing friends? Check. Brother bonding? Check. Giving back? Check. All while on vacation? Double check!

Alumni Convention is a place where all of these things occur. The weekend is full of activities that allow Brothers to see old friends, meet new people and unwind from the stress of life. Brothers pick which activities interest them and when you get to the destination, you have a blast!

Steve and Kori at the Nashville Zoo in 2013.

Steve and Kori at the Nashville Zoo in 2013.

The Activities

  • The Service Project: It is a great opportunity to give back to the area we visit and the people really appreciate our service.
  • The Alumni Ideation Session: It is a great chance to speak with Alumni from different regions about a vast array of topics that can benefit you, Brothers in your area and many others.

Alumni Convention is great for making lasting relationships while not being so scheduled that you do not enjoy the weekend.

Since becoming an Alumni in 2011, I have attended three Alumni Conventions. At my first Convention, I didn’t know anyone. I met the Brothers at the Happy Hour Kickoff Event on Friday night. By the end of the event, I had more new friends than I could count. I have enjoyed meeting new people and seeing old friends at each Convention since. Each Convention brings new experiences and new people. We have the bonds of Brotherhood to connect us, but it is a great opportunity for Alumni of all ages to interact and come together for a few days out of the year.

Top Moments

  1. Chicago 2012: We started the day taking a tour of Wrigley Field and later we cheered the Chicago Cubs on as they beat the Boston Red Sox. The highlight for some of the Brothers in our section was when we saw Conan O’Brien dancing on the walkway above us.
  2. Nashville 2013: The Brothers took part in a service project at the public library. Even though we were broken up into groups, we were able to help the library staff with a number of different projects. These projects include re-shelving books, helping children with an arts and crafts project and preparing materials for upcoming art projects.

Each Alumni Convention brings new memories and I cannot wait to see if I will have a new favorite after this year.

Steve Frankfurt

At the top of the Stratosphere Casino in Las Vegas!

Kori and Steve at the top of the Stratosphere Casino in Las Vegas!

Alumni Convention is an annual event that should not be missed. I graduated from University of Pittsburgh in 1997 from the Alpha Omega Chapter. The first Alumni Convention was held in 2005 and I attended my first Alumni Convention in 2006 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was so much fun and I made many new friends over the course of the weekend.

Top Moments

  1. Las Vegas 2011: I met my co-blogger for this piece, Kori. Kori and I went on the roller coasters at the top of the Stratosphere Casino.
  2. Chicago 2012: Going to Wrigley Field to watch a Chicago Cubs baseball game.
  3. Nashville 2013: Our service project helping out staff in the local Public library. Kori, myself and her sister Kristin also went to the Nashville Zoo which was a lot of fun. We saw many cool animals.
Kori’s mom, Beth, sister, Kristin, Steve, and Kori in Chicago (2012).

Kori’s mom, Beth, sister, Kristin, Steve, and Kori in Chicago (2012).

Why Go? There are many reasons to attend Alumni Conventions:

  • You have the opportunity to meet Brothers from all over the country and make many new friends at all of the events in just 4 days.
  • Convention is held in a different location each year.
  • The service projects, happy hours and many other fun events.

This year’s Alumni Convention is being held in Las Vegas June 5th – June 8th. Once again it looks like it will be a great opportunity to participate in fun events and make new friends meeting Brothers from all over the country. I highly encourage everyone to consider attending this years Alumni Convention in Las Vegas. I look forward to seeing many of you there this June.


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