Take Induction to the Next Level

Zeta Class Induction at the Beta Lambda Chapter at American University

Zeta Class Induction at the Beta Lambda Chapter at American University

By Sarah Alderman, Beta Iota Chapter ’10

Phi Sigma Pi Chapters from across the country are welcoming new Members to the organization. Our Chapters will induct Initiates using the Ritual Ceremony. Your Chapter might be looking to add a unique touch to your Induction of your Initiate classes. We have some ideas for you to help get you started!

  1. Space:
    • Try to book a location on campus that is special to your Chapter.
    • Avoid a classroom space where you might host your weekly business meeting.
    • Look at reserving a space at the Alumni building or President’s office building that might be fancier than the day-to-day classroom.
  2. Refresh Ritual Materials: For many Chapters, the Ritual box has been used year after year and is probably looking a little worn.
    • Budget some funds to go to refreshing the materials used for The Ritual Ceremony.
    • Buy new tablecloths or candles (battery operated ones to comply with University guidelines if necessary).
    • And if you have some crafty Brothers in the Chapter, ask them to construct some visuals to go along with the reading of The Ritual.
  3. Post-Ritual Discussion:
    • It can be hard to remember everything presented during the Initiation Program and Ritual Ceremony so help breakdown the meaning of the Ritual.
    • Implement the Ritual Review and Discussion to start a dialog with your Members.

If you still want more ideas to help make your Ritual Ceremony unique to your Chapter, contact your Chapter Consultant for more ideas.

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