National Convention Preview: The Atlanta Experts

The 2014 National Convention will be held in Atlanta, Georgia from July 30th – August 3rd. On the Phi Sigma Pi blog we will be highlighting some of the reasons YOU should go.

Many of us attending National Convention this year have never had the pleasure of visiting Atlanta and might be a little worried about what to do when we’re not in Grand Chapter sessions or Idea Labs. So we’ve called in the experts! Atlanta is the home of our Epsilon Theta Chapter and Atlanta Area Alumni Association (AAAA). Brothers from each have some great advice about what to do during your free time!

Lindsey Peterka, President of the Epsilon Theta Chapter at the Georgia Institute of Technology

Epsilon Theta Chapter at this year's Mid South Regional Conference

Epsilon Theta Chapter at this year’s Mid South Regional Conference

Like any big city, Atlanta is a hub of activity full of excitement and fantastic experiences just waiting to happen. There is plenty to do here, but since National Convention is only a few days, there is only so much Brothers can experience. No worries though, the Brothers of Epsilon Theta Chapter have your back and will help you make your experience one to remember!

We all know the most important meal of the day is breakfast! The Silver Skillet Diner hosts a variety of delicious foods and has been featured on both Food Network and Travel Channel. This place allows a step back to a simpler time with their horse and buggy décor.

Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, GA. The Park was built for the Centennial 1996 Summer Olympics. We have a visit here planned on Wednesday night!

In between breaks of hanging out at National Convention, grab a group of Brothers and head out to the world’s greatest beverage company! That’s right! The World of Coca-Cola (sign up during registration!) is located right here in Atlanta. Stop by the World of Coca-Cola to experience all 100 products created by the company! I personally recommend Beverly.

If you want a more relaxing break outside, visit Centennial Olympic Park, one of the many sites of the 1996 Olympics. Try to figure out the pattern of the Olympic Rings at the fountain, can you make it without getting wet?

If I have to recommend one amazing place for lunch, I would say go to Mary Mac’s Tea Room. If you like good Southern Food, or you have yet to experience it, then this is a place for you! I suggest the fried chicken plate, and if you’re there after 4:00pm, then the cinnamon rolls come out. Yummm!

With 8 million gallons of water, the boat shaped Georgia Aquarium is the world's largest. You can sign up for this Tuesday excursion during registration!

With 8 million gallons of water, the boat shaped Georgia Aquarium is the world’s largest. You can sign up for this Tuesday excursion during registration!

Finally, check out the home campus of the Epsilon Theta Chapter Brothers! The Georgia Institute of Technology is its own little place of wonders. Come check out our Observatory or Roof Top Garden on the Clough Undergraduate Learning Center. If you catch it right at sunset, it is one of the most beautiful views of Midtown you can find. Reach out to the Epsilon Theta Chapter Brothers if you have any other questions! Remember, we got your back!

David Rosengrant, Alpha Omega Chapter ’99, President of Phi Sigma Pi’s Atlanta Area Alumni Association (AAAA)

Fireworks at Stone Mountain in Atlanta.

Fireworks at Stone Mountain in Atlanta.

There are many fun and amazing sites in Atlanta. You have the largest aquarium in the United States in the Georgia Aquarium and right next door you have the World of Coca-Cola, the best soft drink in the world, of course. Let us not forget our brand new 200-foot-tall SkyView Ferris wheel.

However, when I think of Atlanta, the one attraction that comes to mind is Stone Mountain.  This 825 foot high dome is a quartz dome that towers over the surrounding atlanta area. Carved into this mountain is the Confederate memorial, a carving featuring Jefferson Davis, General Lee and General Stonewall Jackson on horseback. A site that needs to be seen when you come to Atlanta!

The "Home of the Braves." Turner Field opened in 1997.

The “Home of the Braves.” Turner Field opened in 1997.

Other Suggestions:

Vortex Restaurant
Turner Field







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