Sweet, Chocolate Competition

Simply delicious Hershey bars…starting a war?! Yes, you heard right. There is a friendly collection competition or “war” going on between the Epsilon Xi Chapter and the Southern Appalachian Alumni Chapter (SAAC). These Chapters are collecting regular-sized Hershey’s chocolate bars to donate to the Mission of Hope – Philippines.
Who will be victorious? Epsilon Xi Chapter or the Southern Appalachian Alumni Chapter?

Who will be victorious? Epsilon Xi Chapter or the Southern Appalachian Alumni Chapter?

What is the Mission of Hope – Philippines?
Mission of Hope – Philippines (MOH) is a non-profit organization geared toward assisting working students in the Philippines toward obtaining their Bachelor’s degrees. This particular group of students work anywhere from 60-80 hours a week at their university to pay for tuition and fees. As a result, most of these students do not graduate in the typical 4-5 year time frame because they alternate working and going to school each semester.

MOH has a variety of projects geared toward helping this group of students. One of the projects is to provide scholarships to allow the students to reduce their workload and increase the number of units (credits) taken which results in a reduction in the time it takes for those students to graduate. Several other projects of MOH are to provide basic necessities to the working student including toiletries and food. Because these students work for their tuition and fees, they often do not have money to purchase supplies for daily living.  MOH assists by providing these materials on their annual trips. These are just a few of the MOH projects.

History Behind the War
Epsilon Xi Alumni and Active SAAC Members, Ryan Alexander and Jillian Quirante, sit on the Board of Directors for MOH. One of the projects for MOH is to collect and distribute the sweet treat to the working students during their annual trip in May. Last year, as an effort to support this MOH project, Ryan and Jillian challenged their Chapters to a friendly competition to see who could collect the most chocolate bars. In 2013, the Chapters collected 596 Hershey bars, enough for each working student to have a great snack!  SAAC was victorious in the war that year and hopes to be the reigning champions this year.

This year, the working student population has grown to 800 students.  MOH is hoping that Phi Sigma Pi can collect at least as many chocolate bars to give out to each student during the trip in May as a sweet treat from the United States. The winner of the war will be announced at the last Epsilon Xi Chapter meeting on April 28 and on the SAAC and MOH Facebook pages.

Not a Brother of Epsilon Xi or SAAC?  No Problem!
This year, the Chapters are encouraged to seek assistance from Brothers around the nation to help collect Hershey bars toward their Chapter’s count. Interested Brothers can join in the war by RSVPing to the Facebook event for updates on the count. Individuals or Chapters can send the Hershey bars directly to either the Epsilon Xi Chapter or to Ryan and Jillian. (Be sure to include a note as to who you are and which Chapter you would like the bars to count for.) Another way Brothers can help out the Mission of Hope – Philippines is to make a donation to another project that Ryan and Jillian are trying to fund. Donations can be given here.

Ryan and Jillian would like to thank all of the Brothers who have supported and will support this MOH project by participating in the Hershey bar war. For more information about MOH and/or the Hershey bar war, please contact Ryan or Jillian on Facebook or at psp.saac@gmail.com

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