In with the New: Officer Transitions

Many Chapters are preparing for the next school year right now by electing new Officers/Chairs and starting the transition process. If you are looking for a new-to-you way to make the transitioning phase fun and informational check out how the Epsilon Kappa Chapter does things.


Epsilon Kappa Chapter at the Wentworth Institute of Technology

It all starts with an ice breaker game.

Egg Drop: All of the current Officers/Chairs/E-board members team up with the Brother voted by the Chapter to take over their position in the student organization room on campus. When they get there, Brothers have up to 20 minutes to use the supplies in the cabinets to build a contraption that will save an egg from a three story drop. Next up, the drop.

State of the Union Speech: The President gives a speech that discusses improvements the Chapter can make in the upcoming school year. This starts a conversation on how the Chapter plans to execute a plan to overcome the obstacles they faced. Jonathan Swenson (Epsilon Kappa Chapter ‘15) shares, “some things discussed were improving our Chapter morale, finding motivation to get Brothers to be more willing to ask for donations for our philanthropy committee and setting some lasting traditions.”

Officer/Chair Transition: Once the topics are discussed the Chapter breaks out into new/old positions. During this time the current Officer/Chair explains in depth the role of the position as well as passes the binder onto the new Officer/Chair. Inside the binder you can find event documents, ideas and contact information the new Officer/Chair will need to use. The current position holder also answers any questions the new Officer/Chair might have.

This is a great way to transition between Officer/Chairs. The Chapter is making it fun, setting goals and transitioning the new officer into the position.

Now we want to hear from you. What does your Chapter do to transition Officers/Chairs? Leave it in the comment section below.


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