St. Bros Day

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It’s that time… graduation time! Seniors are moving on to the next phase of their life. However, before they walk up on stage and get their diplomas many Chapters hold senior nights for graduating Brothers. A time to reflect on their years as Collegiate Members and pass down their wise words of wisdom to the rest of the Brotherhood.

Delta Phi Chapter Seniors show off their superlatives.

Delta Phi Chapter Seniors show off their superlatives.

The Delta Phi Chapter of Texas State University holds two Senior dinners each year: Brosgiving (in the fall) and St. Bro’s Day (in the spring).

Natalie Hays (Delta Phi Chapter ‘16) shares what takes place at the dinner:
This dinner is to spotlight our seniors and give them a chance to write a letter or speech to the Fraternity as well as give them superlatives. These Speeches are like a farewell before the Alumni Ceremony and it can become pretty emotional for some of the seniors. They can address Brother’s close to them and Committees, reminisce over past events and give words of advice to our Active Brothers. If a graduating senior cannot make it to the event then a brother of their choosing will read their letter for them if they wish.

Haley B

Haley Bisbano (Delta Phi Chapter ‘14) shares her experience as a Brother at her Chapter’s St. Bro’s Day dinner.

Some advice given by the graduating seniors were cherishing the Brotherhood experience:
“My journey was like Skydiving. The whole experience in the beginning is a huge flood of emotions and experiences, and when you get the whole perspective of the Brotherhood you are blown away by what you see and before you know it, you’re on the ground, graduating. Being an active brother is a life changing experience and you need to cherish it before it’s gone.” -Haley Bisbano (Delta Phi Chapter ‘14)

Ryan F

Ryan Frisella (Delta Phi Chapter ‘14) talks about how the Phi Sigma Pi Brotherhood is so unique.

Another senior advised other Brothers to really admire the amazing qualities that every Brother has to offer in such a short time:

“Phi Sigma Pi showed me that great people do exist, you just have to look a little to find them. And in this case, I got lucky, cause they were all in one place: In Phi Sigma Pi.”  -Ryan Frisella (Delta Phi Chapter ‘14)

Briana F

Briana Foster (Delta Phi Chapter ‘14) shares advice to her Brothers at St. Bro’s Day dinner.

Our President, Briana Foster (Delta Phi Chapter ‘14), gave some really moving advice to the Chapter: “I want to share some things I have learned. The most important is to learn how to love. Love who you are, love what you do, love the idea of what you can become and don’t be afraid to love those that stand by your side. You will never meet a group as different and as fun, as this one, and with each new year more faces will come and go, but the Brotherhood will never change. Give it your all, I promise you will get that and more when you graduate with those stoles around your neck.”

Elizabeth M letter 2

Elizabeth Moeller (Delta Phi Chapter ’14) with her superlative, “The workaholic.”

After the speeches, superlatives are given to the seniors. Each superlative was written on a purple letter corresponding to the letter of their first name with the award written in gold. These superlatives are voted on by the Chapter at our meeting the week before.

Looking to get your graduating seniors a gift for all of their hard work over the years? Get them a NAA Membership!

If you are a graduating senior remember to update your information in the “Brothers Only” section of the website. This way you can continue to get updates from the Fraternity.

You can follow the Delta Phi Chapter on social media:

Now its your turn: What does your Chapter do for senior sendoff? If you are an Alumni what did your Chapter do for you when you graduated?



  1. St. Bro’s Day sounds like an awesome event! Epsilon Delta (USF) has a similar event, Senior Showcase, celebrating graduating seniors before they go alumni!

  2. That’s awesome, Meghan! It’s really nice to sendoff Seniors with the ceremony and acknowledge them in other ways too!

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