All you have to do is Teeter-Totter for 24 Hours


For the past 17 years the Beta Sigma Chapter at Michigan State University has put together a 24 hour Teeter-Totter-A-Thon (TTAT). A tradition that continues to help the Chapters local philanthropy, Help a Willing Kid Foundation (HAWK), which takes kids off the streets of Lansing, Michigan and gives them a place to stay, food to eat and teaches them the sport of boxing. We asked Philanthropy Co-Chair Lindsey Lee (Beta Sigma Chapter ‘16) what they did before and during the big event.

The Beta Sigma Chapter held a Teeter-Totter-A-Thon for 24 hours.

The Beta Sigma Chapter held a Teeter-Totter-A-Thon for 24 hours.

What was new this year?
This year, was the first year we added a promotional dinner to help fundraise for our event. We invited people in the community, the founders of our philanthropy, Brothers of our chapter, as well as their family and friends to come out and learn about the event and what we were going to do. We reserved a banquet room, and had a buffet style dinner. The founder of HAWK also joined us and talked to the guests about the direct impact their donations will make. The community was a huge reason this event was so successful.

Where did some of the donations come from?
In addition to monetary donations, the community donated both food and beverages to be used at our event. The community was truly brought together for a great cause.

Event Day:
The event began on Friday at 4pm and ended on Saturday at 4pm. We set up a huge tent for the teeter-totter to sit under as well as the food and beverages that were donated.

The Beta Sigma Chapter got the MSU Quidditch Team to teach the participants how to play.

The Beta Sigma Chapter got the MSU Quidditch Team to teach the participants how to play.

What activities were going on around the teeter-totter?
Throughout the night we had many games and activities to keep people entertained. Our Scholastic Committee brought out the MSU Quidditch Team out to teach us how to play quidditch. We played many sports games and carved pumpkins as well. In addition our Social Committee had challenges that occurred every hour throughout the night to excite people and keep people awake. Challenges included having everyone get on the teeter-totter and take a picture to painting “the rock.” (The rock was donated to MSU in 1873 and used by students as a billboard).

The TTAT benefits the Help a Willing Kid Foundation (HAWK).

The TTAT benefits the Help a Willing Kid Foundation (HAWK).

How else was HAWK involved?
We invited kids from HAWK to come by on Saturday morning and we played kickball with them and carved pumpkins. The smiles on their faces showed they were having the time of their lives.

How much did you raise for your cause?
As the event came to an end, we made memories that will truly last forever and came up with a total of $2,650 to donate to HAWK.

What a great event! If you have a question for the Beta Sigma Chapter get a hold of them on social media:



  1. Yes! TTAT is such a wonderful event and the Beta Sigma Chapter has really done a great job not only keeping the tradition alive but continuing to update and keep the event exciting and new every year. It’s great to see the Chapter’s thriving relationship with a local philanthropy, truly making Beta Sigma leaders in making a positive impact in their community.

    Jared Schulman
    Beta Sigma #592
    Michigan State University ’12

  2. It is, Jared! The impact our Chapters have in their local communities is amazing and a lot of these great organizations we wouldn’t know about otherwise!

  3. Thank you for featuring one of our favorite events! TTAT is always a blast, despite the wind, cold and rain that seem to always accompany the event. Truly a unique and amazing display of Tripod since we’re raising funds and learning about an organization in our community, but having fun and educating others, leading the way for others to help out this inspiring group of kids right in our own backyard.

    Erica Haney
    Beta Sigma #551
    Michigan State University ’11

  4. […] Pi memories will always be hanging out with the graveyard shift crew at Beta Sigma’s 24 Hour Teeter-Totter-a-Thon. It used to be that only three or four Brothers would manage to stay awake and would have to rotate […]

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