Brothers of the Roundtable

We’re announcing a new interactive tool: Roundtables! Our first Roundtable will be hosted by Christopher McCoy, National Secretary. He’s going to be talking about one of our favorite things: Form 110!

Christopher McCoy

Your host:
National Secretary Christopher McCoy

Wait! What is a Roundtable?
Rountables are online get-togethers where members of National Council and Brothers discuss issues and topics important to us. The hope is to create a place where dialogue is open and Brothers can engage and inform others. It also allows National Council to hear directly from Brothers. Everyone wins!

When is this happening?
When: Tonight! Tuesday, May 6th at 8pm EST
Your computer

How do I watch?
Even if you’re not directly “at” the Roundtable, each session will be streamed live on our YouTube channel and available later for sharing.

What other possible topics are Roundtables going to discuss?
Glad you asked. We’re reviewing interest for the following topics in future roundtables:

  • Communicating with Initiates
  • Support for TFA Corp Members
  • Existing Alumni Chapters: Recruitment and Retention




  1. Will Brothers receive a list of dates of upcoming Roundtables?

  2. As soon as we have a new Roundtable date(s) set, we’ll let everyone know! And you can watch this one here now:

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