Brothers Abroad: Part I

We have a lot of Brothers that participate in study abroad programs and we wanted to highlight them here so you can read all about the fun adventures your Brothers are having and how they’re taking Phi Sigma Pi international! Below are three Brother’s stories. Stay tuned for more features in the future and if you have your own, send it to!

“I’m currently studying abroad this year at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, but here is a picture of me repping PSP in the UK!”

Emily Miller

Emily Miller, Zeta Iota Chapter. Picture taken at Roman Fort on the Harknott Pass in the Lake District, England.

“My name is Mackenzie MacDonald, from the Gamma Omega Chapter. I studied in Bilbao, Spain for six months last year. This photo is taken at San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, near Bilbao. Being surrounded by the culture and beauty of the Basque Country was incredible. I was able to live with a family and teach English at the local primary school, so I really got to experience so much of Bilbao. Living in a big city that isn’t super touristy was a huge help for improving my Spanish. I wouldn’t trade my experiences for anything.”

Mackenzie MacDonald

“Two brothers meeting up halfway around the world! The picture was taken in Madaba, Jordan, Summer 2013.”

Emily Moore (big), Right: Tyler Parker

Left: Emily Moore (big), Right: Tyler Parker (little), both from Beta Iota Chapter.


Thanks to all of the Brothers who have submitted their pictures and stories so far! Check back soon for Part II! And send your Brother Abroad stories to us at and maybe you’ll be here next! If you’re planning on studying abroad next term, make sure you take a picture of you wearing your letters or Phi Sigma Pi gear and pass it along to us. We’d love to feature you.

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