Brother Bowl: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

There are several ways you can meet Brothers from different Chapters throughout the year. You can attend National Convention (July 30-August 3 in Atlanta), the Regional Conference in your area or your Chapter can host its own ICR event.

The Alpha Pi Chapter held its annual ICR event in March called Brother Bowl. The event is held every Spring at the Penn State University campus and has a different theme each year.


This years theme was Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. Gabrielle Houser (Alpha Pi Chapter ‘15) explains, “four teams were pitted against one another in field day style events to see which team was best equipped to defeat the zombies.”

Brother Bowl

Chapters in attendance: Alpha Pi Chapter, Delta Alpha Chapter and Epsilon Omicron Chapter.

There were nine events that the Brothers competed in. Some highlights included:

human tic tac toe

Tic Tac Zombie: Each team played against one another in a human tic tac toe event. The team that won three games first played the other winning team in the championship.

push ups

Only the Strongest Survive: A male and a female from each team was chosen to compete in a 45 second push-up contest or a 60 second sit-up contest. Whoever completed the most of each event got their team some points.

blindfolded team relay race

Team Survival: Each member of the team had to run to the end and back, blindfolded. Another member of the team guided the blindfolded Brother verbally. Only one Brother could go at a time.

mummy wrap

Mummy Wrap: Each team got a roll of toilet paper to wrap a team member up in and have them act like a mummy. The team who ran out of toilet paper first won.

Next year the Alpha Pi Chapter hopes to make this event even bigger. Is your Chapter interested in joining?

Contact the Alpha Pi Chapter:





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