Get Your Buzzers Ready

Work as a team to win this year's Chapter Fest, bragging rights and a prize.

Work as a team to win this year’s Chapter Fest, bragging rights and a prize!

“I’ll take 90’s Music for 400.”

We’re kicking off convention Phi Sigma Pi style with a Chapter Fest that Brothers are sure to enjoy: Trivia Night! Join us on Friday night and test your knowledge on a variety of categories while mingling with Brothers from other Chapters.

The rules are simple:

  1. Gather 4-5 Brothers from your Chapter or Region to make up your power team. As Bang Gae would say, “Teamwork makes the dream work.”
  2. Create a fun name to represent your team during trivia. Witty names are always sure to get a good laugh so be creative and have some fun.
  3. You’ll definitely want to brush up on your pop culture, music facts and of course Phi Sigma Pi history to ensure your team’s win. A few games of trivial pursuit wouldn’t hurt in the preparation process either. You can even do that next time you’re out to eat.

The top three teams win awesome prizes that can be used during your time in Atlanta. Think, Atlanta attractions! So get your noggins ready and put Jeopardy on repeat.

As Alex Trebek would say, if you are ready, then let us play!

Be sure to check out the Chapter Bazaar prior to Trivia Night to get some PSP swag and support Chapters in their fundraising efforts.

Want to read more about the events planned for #pspnc14? Then make sure to check out all of our National Convention blog posts.



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