Brothers Abroad: Part III

We have a lot of Brothers that participate in study abroad programs and we wanted to highlight them here so you can read all about the fun adventures your Brothers are having and how they’re taking Phi Sigma Pi international! Below are two Brother’s stories. Stay tuned for more features in the future and if you have your own, send it to!

“While in Italy, I had the opportunity to learn not only about the expansive history of art, but also experience the culture. I got the chance to meet people from a different place than me and I think it definitely broadened my views of the world. As an art history major, getting the opportunity to see the things I’ve learned about in my classrooms first-hand was a breath-taking, life-changing and amazing thing.”

Natalie Grapes

Natalie Grapes, Delta Rho Chapter (University of Northern Colorado)

“I was VERY fortunate to be part of a study abroad opportunity in the Summer of 2012 that took place in London, England. During my time there I learned about many different health care systems throughout the world and I also got to learn more about health care ethics. All in all, it was a very enjoyable trip and I am looking forward to making a trip back to London sometime later on down the road!”

Andrew Sutter

Andrew Sutter (right), Beta Sigma Chapter (Michigan State University)

Thanks to all of the Brothers who have submitted their pictures and stories so far! Check back soon for our next installment! And send your Brother Abroad stories to us at and maybe you’ll be here next! If you’re planning on studying abroad next term, make sure you take a picture of you wearing your letters or Phi Sigma Pi gear and pass it along to us. We’d love to feature you.


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