FAQ: Checks, Invoices and Dues

The Phi Sigma Pi National Staff has rounded up the most Frequently Asked Questions we receive about everything from retention, to fees and forms. Throughout the summer you will see some of these FAQ’s and answers on the Phi Sigma Pi Blog to gear you up for the next school year.


Q. Does the National Office accept payments outside of checks?
A. Checks are encouraged because of additional fees that add up when credit cards are used. Some universities have gone paperless and only use credit cards. If that is the case, payment through credit card is the only option. To learn more about how to write out a check to the National Office click here.

Q. How do we get an invoice?
A. To get an invoice for a Chapter, the Chapter can email pspoffice@phisigmapi.org with the Chapter name in the Subject line asking for an invoice. In the copy of the email indicate what the invoice is for. If you are looking for an invoice about dues indicate how many Brothers or Initiates you want the invoice to show.

Q. I know how much dues are per person but how do I find out what the whole Chapter owes?
A. When Member dues are generated by Form 100/100A, the Chapter Treasurer should receive an automatic email indicating the amount owed. When Initiates become Brothers using Form 30, the Chapter Secretary should inform the Chapter Treasurer of the number of new Brothers. The Treasurer will have to calculate the amount due.

Do you have a question that needs to be answered? Add it to the comment section below.


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