She’s Not Your Average National Convention Speaker

Shannon O'Donnell (Gamma Chi Chapter ‘06) at the Great Wall of China.

Shannon O’Donnell (Gamma Chi Chapter ‘06) at the Great Wall of China.

We know, we know…another speaker. But, trust us when we tell you that this year’s National Convention speaker is different.

We’re excited to welcome one of the 2013 National Geographic Travelers of the Year, Brother Shannon O’Donnell (Gamma Chi Chapter ‘06). Yep, you read that right…she’s a Brother! And as if that’s not awesome enough, Shannon is one of only 18 individuals selected from more than 1,500 nominations for the Traveler of the Year title.

For the past six years, Shannon has made it her life’s work to travel extensively around the world and find ways to make a positive impact everywhere she goes. Most recently, Shannon spent four months in various areas of Africa.

Some of Shannon’s other accomplishments:

  • Created and has been maintaining a travel blog, A Little Adrift, since 2008 to chronicle her travels.
  • Created a, a database of free and low-cost opportunities for travelers to engage in independent volunteer projects or support local enterprise.
  • Did we mention that she’s also an author? Oh yeah, she published her book The Volunteer Traveler’s Handbook in 2012 to help travelers find ideal volunteer experiences around the world.

Shannon’s work has been featured on NPR, CNN Money, ABC and National Geographic, just to name a few.

So basically, like we said…she’s awesome!  We look forward to learning from Shannon’s experience as she shares how she’s been able to live the Tripod throughout her everyday life during Grand Chapter. Get ready to be inspired by Shannon!


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  1. […] ‘06), remember the inspiring words she spoke at the 2014 Grand Chapter Meeting! We told you about Brother O’Donnell’s life after college about a month ago. She left the country in 2008 to live a life of service and travel across the […]

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